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WYSIWYGames Celebrates 50 Years Of Planet Of The Apes


WYSIWYGames is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Planet of the Apes and showing off some new, painted minis for their upcoming Kickstarter! The Planet of the Apes: Miniature Board Game is heading to Kickstarter this Spring.

WYSIWYGames Readies More Renders For Planet of the Apes


Though the Earth may be going to the apes, WYSIWYGames assures us that there are, in fact, humans in their upcoming Planet of the Apes: The Miniature Board Game.

WYSIWYGames Show More Of Their Ape Resins At Spiel


WYSIWYGames have shown off more of the resin prototypes for their upcoming Planet of the Apes The Miniatures Board Game that they brought with them to Spiel.

WYSIWYGames Brings Apes To Essen!


WYSIWYGames is showing off their first resin minis for Planet of the Apes The Miniature Boardgame at Essen this week!

First Resin Prototype For Planet Of The Apes By WYSIWYGames


The exciting world of WYSIWYGames, Planet of the Apes, is starting to take shape with an exclusive peek at their first resin mini, Maurice! Swing by 6C12, Hall 6 at Essen this week to grab a demo and see for yourself.

WYSIWY Games Announces Planet Of The Apes Miniatures Board Game


The world will be going to the apes come spring of 2018 as WSYIWY Games announced the upcoming launch of Planet of the Apes: The Miniatures Boardgame. 3-D board components and fantastic minis are just a couple things to look forward to from this exciting game!