Exclusive! PlastCraft Preview New Age Of Fantasy Terrain

December 29, 2017 by brennon

PlastCraft Games are continuing to build on their range of Fantasy terrain with a whole new range. See what you make of this awesome Age Of Fantasy set that they have in the works, coming very soon…

Age Of Fantasy Table #1

The Age of Fantasy collection builds on the existing ColorED range and gives you a selection of buildings which just need to be assembled and they are ready to go. There is no painting required on these as everything comes ready to go with a little glue – taking out a step in the process as you build up a tabletop to play your games.

The Anvil Of Whispers

We’ll break down each of the different components you see above starting with The Anvil Of Whispers.

The Anvil Of Whispers

This building is designed to be a stand-in Blacksmiths for all manner of Fantasy races. It has a very all-inclusive look to it, making it fit into all manner of different Fantasy worlds, and you’ll also see that they have begun to work in more of their MDF components here as well for some added detail.

Old Man’s Windmill

You can then follow up with Old Man’s Windmill which might sit outside of the town amongst the farmland. It looks like the perfect place for you to have to try and defend from marauding invaders.

Old Man's Windmill

I love what they’ve done with the sails for this Windmill and they look fitting with the rest of the buildings aesthetic which is nice. You could even burn and break it up a bit if you wanted to make it look ruined.

Lumber Mill

Next up we have the Lumber Mill which uses a water wheel to power the saw inside as it cuts up the wood, allowing the townsfolk to build their structures.

Lumber Mill

All of these kinds of buildings work as nice incidental pieces allowing you to add a bit of life to your tabletop world. They are the kind of things you’d find inside every Fantasy town which is just what you need when you’re trying to build a believable world for your warriors to fight over.

Scholar’s Tower

If you would like to get a bit more arcane then you can also find some solace inside the Scholar’s Tower. I like the mash-up of designs and aesthetics as you look up towards the top of the building where the mage inside has clearly designed a safer stone room to practice his/her spells.

Scholar's Tower

Once again the buildings also have that feeling of pieces which could be found in any Fantasy world. I love the rickety look which reminds me so much of the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy for example.

Blackfall Gates

Protecting the front of your town you also have Blackfall Gates here. This is a decidedly large structure which could be build up with natural fortifications or maybe even some walls from other ranges.

Blackfall Gates

You can then host your defenders on the ramparts and fire down on those that are trying to raid your humble town. It all looks very stylish!

Old Shire Fences

Last but not least we have some smaller incidental pieces which can be used to help fill in the gaps and offer a bit more cover. Here we have the Old Shire Fences.

Old Shire Fences

These would work well if you dropped them into the surroundings of the Windmill we looked at earlier. While they might not form the greatest of defensive perimeter they could also sit nicely around the Blackfall Gate too.

What do you think of their new terrain collection?

"There is no painting required on these as everything comes ready to go with a little glue..."