Exclusive! All The Fun Of The Fair With New Malifaux Circus Terrain

December 16, 2015 by brennon

Adding to their Designed For Malifaux range and building on their ColorED range too we have a wonderful colourful Circus/Fair set of terrain coming out from PlastCraft Games. See what you think of this wondrous and horrifying arena you could be scrapping in…

Welcome To The Fun Fair!

Here you can see all of the terrain put together into an interesting tabletop which is entirely different from everything else we’ve seen for Malifaux so far. We’ve run into wild west townships and bayou swamps but I don’t think we’ve ever visited a circus in Malifaux…

Mesa Nocturna #1

Mesa Nocturna #2

I love how this has all come together and while they have added some lights into this after the fact I think this is the kind of landscape which would actually benefit from some additional lighting and such to make it feel more atmospheric as you scuffle around the candy stall.

Mesa Nocturna #3

One of the things that I would suggest is that you maybe pick up a bit more scatter terrain for this kind of tabletop however, especially in Malifaux, since you always need some form of cover to make sure you don’t just die on approach to the objectives.

With the addition of some crates and other bits and pieces this would make for a wonderful attraction.

The Circus Components

So, here is how the various components of that board break down. See what you think of the variety here and also take a closer look at some of the graphic design which raised a smile while I was checking them out.


I really like the look of these Billboards here which show off advertisements from the Circus. I love the big over the top cartoon characters which work well within the world of Malifaux and actually match up to some of the characters.

Billboards #1

Billboards #2

These are also, in game terms, worth using on the tabletop in spades as they allow you to add some proper cover on the tabletop. As long as you don’t have someone trying to say that they can shoot your feet from underneath the boards then I think we’ll all be friends.

Now we get to the pieces of terrain that really give the tabletop a lived in feel. These small Caravans are great for the circus performers to leap out of. I’d actually like to add in the idea of ‘wandering monsters’ who are the freaks of the circus coming to attack both crews.


Food Stalls

These big stalls are also wonderful and I love the big vibrant colours. It’s nice to see, once again, a lot more colour coming to tabletops and Malifaux is a big help in that sense. I would almost be tempted to try cutting out some of the broken windows on these buildings to give them a more 3D feel.


As if that wasn’t enough we also have the rather massive arena of fun (and death) that we called the Big Top…

Big Top

Now that’s just calling out for a master on master fight between the likes of the Arcanists and the Guild isn’t it!

Well, that’s quite a lot of new terrain to consider from PlastCraft! What do you think of their new range for Malifaux?

Drop your thoughts below Malifaux fans…

"We've run into wild west townships and bayou swamps but I don't think we've ever visited a circus in Malifaux..."

"I'd actually like to add in the idea of 'wandering monsters' who are the freaks of the circus coming to attack both crews..."