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New Leopard 1 Kits Arriving Soon From Plastic Soldier Company

11 days ago 11

A new set of Leopard 1 plastic kits are coming out from Plastic Soldier Company in the near future in a variety of different scales.

Plastic Soldier Company Bring New Tanks To The Cold War

56 days ago 12

Plastic Soldier Company have been working on some goodies for Cold War games, including two new tanks and the reveal of Battlegroup Northag.

Plastic Soldier Preview Some Sweet WWII Honey Tanks

94 days ago 3

Plastic Soldier Company has shown off some of the new Honey Tank variants that are going to be coming to the tabletop soon in a variety of scales.

15mm Soviet T55 Tanks Hit The Battlefield In May From Plastic Soldier

114 days ago 10

Plastic Soldier Company are going to be adding more firepower to your Soviet forces in 15mm with the new T55 Kit rolling its way onto the tabletop in May.

15mm British Universal Carrier Now Available From Plastic Soldier

143 days ago 7

The Plastic Soldier Company has now released the 15mm kit for their British Universal Carriers. The kit comes with a few different variants allowing you to mix and match things on the tabletop.

Plastic Soldier Company Previews Artwork For New Release

168 days ago 13

Plastic Soldier Company is joining the battle in the deserts of Africa with this new release.