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Wyrd Brings Malifaux To Life In The Breachside Broadcast Podcast

845 days ago 3

Care to learn more about the mystical (and sometimes terrifying) world of Malifaux? Wryd has launched it’s first episode of the Breachside Broadcast, which sounds like it will be a regular audio glimpse into the game’s world.

Warm Up For PAX With Acquisition Incorporated Series Six

1426 days ago 0

Check out the latest series of Acquisition Inc. as they head into series number six. What japes will they get up to?

Delve Deep With D&D Next And The Mines Of Madness!

1515 days ago 1

Check out the continued success/failure of four hapless adventurers in The Mines of Madness through D&D Next!

The D&D Next Podcast Reaches its Conclusion

1792 days ago 3

Check out the final part of the D&D Next podcast where Penny Arcade and PvP finish off their characters.

Aquisitions Incorporated Learn the Ropes of D&D Next

1803 days ago 5

Mike Mearls from Wizards of the Coast takes Acquisition Incorporated through character creation in 5th Edition.

Mantic Podcast Episode 3: The One about the Kickstarter

1828 days ago 0

Have a listen to the latest Mantic Podcast then let us know what you thought below!

Mantic Podcast Episode 2 – The One with The Three Kings

1873 days ago 3

Check out the second episode of the Mantic Podcast. Plenty of interesting news on the world of Kings of War.