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Wyrd Brings Malifaux To Life In The Breachside Broadcast Podcast

727 days ago 3

Care to learn more about the mystical (and sometimes terrifying) world of Malifaux? Wryd has launched it’s first episode of the Breachside Broadcast, which sounds like it will be a regular audio glimpse into the game’s world.

Warm Up For PAX With Acquisition Incorporated Series Six

1307 days ago Comments Off

Check out the latest series of Acquisition Inc. as they head into series number six. What japes will they get up to?

Delve Deep With D&D Next And The Mines Of Madness!

1396 days ago 1

Check out the continued success/failure of four hapless adventurers in The Mines of Madness through D&D Next!

The D&D Next Podcast Reaches its Conclusion

1673 days ago 3

Check out the final part of the D&D Next podcast where Penny Arcade and PvP finish off their characters.

Aquisitions Incorporated Learn the Ropes of D&D Next

1684 days ago 5

Mike Mearls from Wizards of the Coast takes Acquisition Incorporated through character creation in 5th Edition.

Mantic Podcast Episode 3: The One about the Kickstarter

1709 days ago Comments Off

Have a listen to the latest Mantic Podcast then let us know what you thought below!

Mantic Podcast Episode 2 – The One with The Three Kings

1754 days ago 3

Check out the second episode of the Mantic Podcast. Plenty of interesting news on the world of Kings of War.