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Become An Honourable Hunter With Predastore’s Predosien-Shogun

590 days ago 5

Predastore will be releasing this next take on the alien hunters we know so well at the end of January. See what you make of the Predosien-Shogun drawing his sword ready for battle…

Choose Your Next Trophy With Predastore’s New Arrow-Predette

843 days ago 7

Take aim and fire at the next target for the Arrow-Predette from Predastore. Where would you have her taking her shot at some poor unfortunate target?

Predastore Find Another Deadly Hunter & Show Up At Montreux 2015

892 days ago 9

Predastore are showing up at a big convention this weekend and as well as freebies they’re taking along this new Predator they found deep in the jungle!

The New Longbow Predette Takes A Shot From Predastore

937 days ago 2

Get your bow and arrow ready as there’s another hunter on the prowl from Predastore. See what you think of the Longbow Predette who’s firing her bow at some approaching prey.

Predastore New Predator Hunts Down Bad Shots

967 days ago 14

Predastore have added another Predator to their store and this time shes looking for droids on a rather hot planet.

Pick Up Another Snarling Predator From Predastore!

1023 days ago 2

See what you think of another creature from Predastore making it’s way from the Mother ship and down onto the planet in search of the next big hunt.

The Predosien-Eagle Swoops In From Predastore!

1085 days ago 1

Predastore have shown off another of their Predosien range with the Eagle leaping into battle with a good dose of faith to back up his fall. Very Assassins Creed…

The Predastore Unleashes The Aztec Themed Predosien

1124 days ago 3

Dive into the jungle with another Predator coming to the hunt from Predastore. How does this interesting Predosien tickle your fancy?

Choose Your Method Of Death With Predastore’s Huntress

1212 days ago 3

See what you think of another Predator from the maestros at Predastore. Does she measure up to the existing collection?

Predastore Unleash Their Champion Of The Arena

1240 days ago 5

It’s time to bathe in the applause as the Victory Hunter draws his blades and stands victorious from Predastore.

Predastore’s Lord Snow Hunter Begins His Vigil

1259 days ago 7

Become a lord of all you survey on those hostile ice planets thanks to the absolutely awesome looking Lord Snow Hunter.

Predastore Pull Back The Bowstring With New Predette

1292 days ago 7

Go hunting in the wild snowy mountain ranges with this Archer Predette from the ace folk at Predastore.