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Privateer Press Two Brush Wet Blending Miniature Painting Tutorial

3 Colours Up: Two Brush Wet Blending Tutorial With Dallas

4 days ago 30

Dallas from Privateer Press has been with us in the studio with his beautiful sultry voice that could carry you off to Valhalla itself. *swoon*

New Grymkin Renders Show What’s Creeping Into Hordes

4 days ago 17

If you’re liking the look of the Grymkin from Privateer Press for Hordes then you’ll want to check out these new renders that appeared online showing off some of the upcoming characters and units available as the faction expands.

Trollbloods & Convergence Get The Army Box 2017 Treatment

6 days ago 3

The Trollbloods and the Convergence from Privateer Press are the latest forces from Warmachine & Hordes to get themselves Army Box 2017 sets coming out.

Weekender: GW's Community Commitment & What's Inside The Terrain Crate?

Weekender: GW’s Community Commitment & What’s Inside The Terrain Crate?

10 days ago 215

The Grymkin Core Box Pops Up To Haunt The World Of Hordes

10 days ago 13

Privateer Press showed off the cover art for the new Core Box that the Grymkin will come in when they get released. This haunting and macabre set of creatures for Hordes will soon be tormenting the other factions in Immoren.

Privateer Unleash Khador & Cryx Characters Onto The Tabletop For Warmachine

11 days ago 8

Heading to your tabletop throughout April, Privateer Press has previewed a whole bunch of new sets for both Cryx and Khador to play around with on the tabletop.

3 Colours Up: Painting Warmachine Emblems - Circle of Orboros

3 Colours Up: Painting Warmachine Emblems – Circle of Orboros

11 days ago 7
Warmachine Unboxing: Conquest/Victor Colossal Warjack

Warmachine Unboxing: Conquest/Victor Colossal Warjack

17 days ago 4
Mennes' Mini-Mashup: Custom Bases With Hirst Arts - Part Two

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Custom Bases With Hirst Arts – Part Two

18 days ago 8

Mister Mennes is back with another awesome tutorial using Hirst Arts kit and Green Stuff.

Hordes Unboxing: Loki, Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast

27 days ago 4

We get our hooks into the ferocious looking Loki of Circle Orboros from Hordes by Privateer Press…

…or should that be, he has got HIS painful looking Thorn Hook into us!

Mennes' Mini-Mashup: Custom Bases With Hirst Arts - Part One

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Custom Bases With Hirst Arts (Part One)

32 days ago 8

Tomas Mennes is back with us this week showing off just what you can get up to when you’re alone with your models. No, not like that!

Nemo Collectors Bust Available At AdeptiCon From Privateer Press

33 days ago 7

If you like the idea of showing off your allegiance to Cygnar then how about the General Adept Sebastian Nemo Collectors Bust which will be available at AdeptiCon this year?

Cygnar & Scyrah Army Boxes Gracing The Tabletops Soon For Warmachine

42 days ago 6

Privateer Press has revealed two new Army Boxes for 2017 coming your way. The focus this time turns to Cygnar and Retribution Of Scyrah. See what you think of them as a good primer to get you stuck into your games of Warmachine.

Menne's Mini-Mashup: Basing Creepy Cryx Crows

Menne’s Mini-Mashup: Basing Warmachine’s Creepy Cryx Crows

46 days ago 11

It’s time to get back into the Hobby Lab
to join Tomas Mennes in his marvellous
world of miniature conversions.

Privateer Preview New Command Books For Cygnar & Everblight

48 days ago 3

Privateer Press has shown off the two new Command Books coming for Warmachine & Hordes this month. The Cygnar Command Book is first, coming March 8th.