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The Indictor Stomps To War For Menoth In Warmachine

3 days ago 4

Privateer Press are also delving into the world of Warmachine this month as they show off the Indictor for the Protectorate Of Menoth.

Take Command Of The Trollbloods With Madrak, The Great Chieftain

3 days ago 8

Privateer Press has added the mighty Madrak, The Great Chieftain, to their webstore for the Trollbloods alongside a Command Book allowing you to lead your forces to victory on the battlefield of Hordes.

We Get A Peek At Upcoming Circle Models For Hordes

26 days ago 11

Party Foul once again gave us a sneaky peek ahead to what’s on the horizon for Hordes by Privateer Press. This time the focus is on Circle Orboros and some new characters AND their book…

The Megalith Stomps Into The World Of Hordes

29 days ago 8

Privateer Press has now released a monstrous construct for those who collect Circle Orboros for Hordes. Sure, there are were-creatures aplenty but there’s also hulking stone giants too like the Megalith!

Mount Up In The Rhulic Hammerfall Siege Crawler

29 days ago 13

Privateer Press dive into the world of Warmachine with some more of their releases this week as they focus in on the Rhulic forces and their Hammerfall Siege Crawler.

The Farrow Gather Their Forces For The Hordes Battlefield

31 days ago 9

Privateer Press aren’t just working on new Warmachine releases as on the 23rd November we will also see the release of some new plastic Farrow for Hordes alongside Legion and Skorne characters too.

Major Gibbs & Towering Colossals Available For Warmachine

31 days ago 8

Privateer Press has shown off the new releases now on their way for use in the world of Warmachine. We start with Cygnar and Major Harrison Gibbs.

Party Foul Take A Peek At Upcoming Warmahordes Models

32 days ago 4

Party Foul are taking a peek at some upcoming models for the world of Warmachine & Hordes by Privateer Press.

Grind Is Coming Back To Warmachine & Hordes With MK III!

36 days ago 17

Privateer Press have announced that Grind, their Fantasy Sports Game, set within the world of Warmachine & Hordes, is coming back next year with its MK III edition!

3 Colours Up: Khador Red Armour

3 Colours Up: Painting Khador Red Armour

37 days ago 5

Today Romain whips out the trusty airbrush once more to show us how to paint Khadorian Red Armour using a Man-O-War Shocktrooper.

Privateer Talk New Fyanna, Scourge Of Everblight For Hordes

38 days ago 3

Privateer Press are going to be at the Warmachine Weekend between the 4th & 6th of November 2016 and will be showing off some wonderful sculpts including the work on Fyanna by Doug Hamilton.

Privateer Press Paint Up Horgle The Anvil For Hordes

42 days ago 5

Over on the Instagram page for Privateer Press they showed off the painting of Horgle The Anvil for the Trollbloods of Hordes.

3 Colours Up: Painting Freehand Ivy

3 Colours Up: Painting Freehand Ivy

44 days ago 4

Today Romain is painting freehand Ivy techniques on the Warmachine shoulder pads of the Man-o-War Shocktroopers from Privateer Press.

3 Colours Up: Freehand Wood

3 Colours Up: Freehand Wood Technique

51 days ago 18

Today Romain is painting a Freehand Wood Techniques on the Warmachine shoulder pads of the Man-o-War Shocktroopers from Privateer Press.

Hordes’ Una The Skyhunter Available In Special Box November 4th!

59 days ago 5

Come November 4th Privateer Press will release Una The Skyhunter in a Special Edition Box so all you fans of Circle Orboros will have something fancy to add to your collection.