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3 Colours Up: Freehand Wood

3 Colours Up: Freehand Wood Technique

7 days ago 18

Today Romain is painting a Freehand Wood Techniques on the Warmachine shoulder pads of the Man-o-War Shocktroopers from Privateer Press.

Hordes’ Una The Skyhunter Available In Special Box November 4th!

15 days ago 5

Come November 4th Privateer Press will release Una The Skyhunter in a Special Edition Box so all you fans of Circle Orboros will have something fancy to add to your collection.

Fancy New Chibi Pins On The Way From Privateer Press

17 days ago 5

Privateer Press have shown off a whole new bunch of pins for their collection! This time, all of them have got a chibi theme to them!


Parts To Painted: A Mighty Woldwrath For Hordes!

17 days ago 7

In this massive Parts To Painted, John tackles the Woldwrath from Circle of Oboros for Hordes by Privateer Press!


Weekender XLBS: Mennes’ Amazing Khador & Wargame Masters?

18 days ago 98

Tiberion Smashes His Way Into The World Of Hordes

21 days ago 4

Tiberion of Skorne smashes and bashes his way into the world of Hordes by Privateer Press with a new model coming to the tabletop at the end of October.

Gunslingers, Grenadiers & A Holy Warrior Come To Warmachine

21 days ago 4

Set for release next week Privateer Press have added three new sets to their webstore for you Warmachine fans. We’ll kick things off by taking a look at the tinkers that are the Stormsmith Grenadiers!

The Druid Mist Riders Gallop Forth For Circle Orboros In Hordes

35 days ago 12

A unit of Druid Mist Riders for Circle Orboros are galloping and leaping their way into the world of Hordes this month from the folks at Privateer Press.

Familiar Faces & A New Shocktrooper Officer Ready For Warmachine Duty

35 days ago 4

Some old friends and a new face join the tabletop battles of Warmachine by Privateer Press.

New Command Book Art Previewed For Privateer’s Warmachine & Hordes

39 days ago 12

With the Rulebook out and people getting stuck into their army boxes for Warmachine & Hordes the next step is to bring the Command Books to life from Privateer Press.

WhiteMoonDreams Battle It Out In Livestreamed Warmachine Game

41 days ago Comments Off

The WhiteMoonDreams team, makers of Warmachine: Tactics, are leaving the digital world behind for a night as they get stuck into a Livestreamed Warmachine Game to see who is the true champion of MK III in the office.

Warmachine Unboxing: Cygnar Starter Set

Warmachine Unboxing: Cygnar Starter Set

44 days ago 12

Today the double J duo are opening up some Warmachine from Privateer Press, with the release of Mark III we have the new Cygnar Starter Set.

Get A Glimpse At The Epic New Gargantuan For Circle Orboros!

45 days ago 30

Thanks to Party Foul we were able to check out a few previews of what lies ahead for Privateer Press’ Hordes. The first of these is a rather majestic Gargantuan for Circle Orboros.

A Northkin Shaman Shakes His Stick At You For Hordes

46 days ago 14

If you collect Trollbloods like me then you might want to check out the Northkin Shaman for your collection and the world of Hordes by Privateer Press.

Pick Up Some Tweaked Warcasters For Privateer’s Warmachine

46 days ago 13

If you’re looking to add some new Warcasters to your collection from Privateer Press then how about some of these that have gone through a bit of a tinker and a tweak for Warmachine.