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Prodos Games Release Warzone 2.0 Rules Into The Wild

18 days ago 5

Prodos Games have now made the rules for Warzone: Ressurection 2.0 available for you to download ahead of a release at Essen 2016.

Alien Vs Predator Unboxing: UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship

Alien Vs Predator Unboxing: UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship

32 days ago 196

Win your own Cheyenne Dropship
from Prodos Games, comment
with your chance to win!

Warzone Unboxing: Brotherhood Visionaries

Warzone Unboxing: Brotherhood Visionaries

81 days ago 10

Appearing from the dust, the Brotherhood faction have the beautiful Templar Ladies, the Visionaries.

Mutant Chronicles – Warzone: Resurrection 2.0 Beta Rules Download Online Now

113 days ago 7

A new 2.0 Beta Rules Pack is available from Prodos Games for Warzone: Resurrection! Come and take a look at some of the key changes here…

Unboxing: Warzone – Mishima Tatsu Gigamek

149 days ago 17

The Gigamek is HUGE and such a power piece for your table. If you weren’t into Warzone before, I’ll bet you are now!

Prodos Bring Out Visionaries, Bikers & A Diamond Geezer

151 days ago 14

Prodos have added to the world of Warzone: Resurrection with three new sets of miniatures. We’ll kick things off with more characters for the Brotherhood with the Visionaries. Fancy picking up a set of Battle Nuns?

Unboxing: AVP – Young Bloods

158 days ago 18

So you think you’re ready to become blooded eh? Well we’ll have to see about that Young Blood!

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!

161 days ago 109

Unboxing: AVP – Alien Queen & Facehuggers

163 days ago 16

Are you ready for trauma? How about some creepy questionable creatures diving into your own bodies? Well you’re in luck

Prodos Gives The Lowdown On New UniCast Technology

172 days ago 41

Prodos Games have talked more about their new way of creating miniatures which could change the industry in some interesting ways.

Find out more about UniCast within.

Prodos Games Release Snarling Anubis Warriors For Space Crusaders

176 days ago 25

Check out the bestial new Anubis Warriors from Space Crusaders by Prodos Games fit for any wild Sci-Fi army…

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part Four

177 days ago 7

If it bleeds, we can paint it! I’m back to end the tutorial on the Alien Vs Predator model from Prodos Games; the Predator.

Young Bloods Hunt & Facehuggers Hatch For Prodos’ AvP

179 days ago 14

Prodos Games are continuing to add to their AvP range with some more dangerous foes for you to face and a potential way to ease off the pressure in those tight corridors.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part Three

184 days ago 15

We’ve covered the basics, now it’s time for some tone and shading of the model.

Unboxing: Warzone – Mishima Ashigaru

186 days ago 6

We’re definitely having too much fun unboxing these Warzone packages from Prodos Games. This week we’re looking into the Mishima Ashigaru.