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Warlord Games Offers Spec Ops “Lock & Load” Bundle For Project Z

143 days ago 9

Warlord Games is making it much easier to get into their zombie apocalypse game Project Z with this bundle.

Warlord Games Detail What’s Inside Project Z

436 days ago 27

Warlord Games have put together a big preview piece on exactly what’s going to be coming as part of Project Z. We’ll kick things off with a look at what’s going to be within the main game…


Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?

449 days ago 138

Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We’ve got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Wargames Illustrated Get A Sneak Peek At New Project Z Soldiers

453 days ago 7

Wargames Illustrated have got a look at the new soldiers that you’ll be able to make for use in your games of Project Z by Warlord Games. These are sculpted and produced by Wargames Factory who entered into a deal with Warlord not long ago…

Warlord Games Announce Project Z Miniatures Game

458 days ago 17

Everyone seems to be back on the zombie train this year. Warlord Games have been working with Wargames Factory (who produce both Survivors and Zombies) and have now got plans in the works for a game called Project Z…