Pulp City Presents a Grimm Master of Magnetism

September 30, 2013 by dracs

You remember those little rat things we saw in the John Grimmsham concept from Pulp City? Well now we know they are called Grimms and it looks like they will have some super powers of their own.

Gladiator Grimm

The Grimm are a subterranean race discovered and now controlled by John Grimmsham. Here’s what the guys of Pulp City have to say about these new gribly little guys.

“The Grimm were first discovered by John Grimmsham while working as a security guard at Pulp City Studios in the late 70′s. A strange race of underground dwellers that steal and borrow from the surfaceworld. John became obsessed with the Grimm going so far a to write a screenplay hoping to sell it to Pulp City Studio.

Fate had something else in store for Grimmsham and he now leads the Grimm Undercity. Grimm have shown an ability to mutate and adapt extremely quickly. After exposure to toxic run off during the fall of Pulp City the Grimm’s mutations have accelerated dramatically. Grimm raiding parties are lead by a Prime Grimm Elders of the clans. After the Primes are various Feudal Castes. These are becoming more and more diverse, often displaying Supreme like powers. The raids are also increasing and the Grimm could pose a major threat to Pulp City, or be it’s greatest ally.” - Pulp Monsters

Yes it seems that humans aren’t the only things with super powers and the first of these Supreme Grimms has popped his head above street level, a somewhat familiar master of magnetism.

Magneto Grimm

The Grimm promise to be an interesting selection of models and this Magneto Grimm doubly so. Apparently we can look forward to seeing him as a stretch goal on the upcoming Pulp City Kickstarter.