Pulp City Shakes at the Fury of Antaean

March 6, 2014 by dracs

Pulp City Supreme Edition did pretty well on Kickstarter and we can all look forward to more awesome minis appearing. One of the most interesting prospects will be the fan created supremes, made by those who pledged the Supreme Genesis level.


This is Antaean, the first of five supremes that we can expect to see from those who purchased the Genesis level pledge. This one seems to be very much in line with heroes such as Thor, though in this case he seems to draw his power from the Greek pantheon as his name apparently means “gifted with superhuman strength” in the Greek language.

It says a lot about a culture when they have a single word for that.


The Genesis pledgers will be working alongside the Pulp City creative team, coming up with the design and rules of their supreme which will then become a part of the Pulp City setting. The models of these might also become available as optional add-ons to people’s existing pledges.

Are you looking forward to seeing what else these guys will come up with? What sort of super hero would you dream up?