Pulp City’s Verminous Grimm Get an Elderly Leader

October 1, 2013 by dracs

More concept art pieces of Pulp City’s subterranean race are appearing, with the latest one being one of the verminous Grimm’s Elders to lead them against the human supremes.

Grimm Elder

The Grimm Elder coordinates the verminous society’s forrays into the surface world above them. Theyapparently possess a psychic connection with the rest of their race, allowing them to direct the hord of lesser Grimm and point them to where they are needed.

Grimm Elders will see use as support supremes in forces of Grimm. As Pulp Monsters themselves point out, one Grimm may not be much of a problem, but an organised swarm could prove very dangerous.

Is it time to call for pest control yet?