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Flint & Feathers Go Flying With Pulp Figures New Range

719 days ago 6

Pulp Figures have some cool new Native Americans for you to use in your Pulp adventures. These three sets will be popping up soon over on their webstore and could be helpful allies or deadly adversaries…

Pulp Figures Goes Native, Native American That Is!

776 days ago 5

Pulp Figures is releasing some really nice miniatures for the Iroquois Confederacy.

Get Wild In The West Later This Year With Pulp Figures

821 days ago 3

Pulp Figures have shown off some of the Wild West range that will be coming out later this year including some Cowboys and some very angry Mexicans. There are even some plans for a few Cacti it seems to give you authentic border feeling while rustling cattle…

Bombshell’s Counterblast Heavy Support Out On Kickstarter

840 days ago 4

Bombshell Miniatures has a fantastic new group of minis for their pulp/sci fi game, Counterblast, out on Kickstarter. Robots & vehicles along with man and beast are included in this lot of clever additions.

Pulp Figures Soon Available Through North Star!

968 days ago 1

Check out some of the Heroes & Personalities range coming out of Pulp Figures via North Star now they’re stocking the collection!

North Star Begin Manufacturing For Pulp Figures In 2015

1002 days ago 0

Pulp Figures and North Star have joined forces for the future production of their miniatures!

Pulp Figures Support Movember With Stylish Stash

1025 days ago 2

Pulp Figures are getting in on Movember this month with their own miniature sporting a stylish stash and tux.

Sleuths & Soldiers Coming Soon From Pulp Figures

1045 days ago 2

It’s time to solve some mysteries and delve deeper into some desert temple with soldiering adventurers! Which set would you prefer to use?