Cthulhu Rears His Ugly Head for a Scibor Bust

May 8, 2014 by dracs

Ia! Ia! and so on. Scibor have just published a new set of concept sketches for a bust of this terrifying Lovecraftian deity.

Cthulhu Bust Concept Sketch

Scibor have done some excellent busts and some pretty nice Cthulhu minis, so a Cthulhu bust was probably inevitable. Some of these designs look particularly alien, missing the very human scowling features that Cthulhu is often given.

Even aside from a great painting opportunity, I could imagine this bust becoming a nice terrain feature or LARP prop. After all, statues of Cthulhu do tend to crop up in Lovecraft’s mythos.

Is Cthulhu going to rise onto your painting tables?