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Puppets War Build A Tactical Tower To Protect The Table

3 days ago 2

Puppets War have released a new terrain piece, a tactical tower that can be combined with turrets to improve your defences.

Puppets War Prepare To Raise The Dead

7 days ago 4

Puppets War have published a preview for what promises to be a new set of necromantic skeletal sculpts.

Summon The Power Of Nature With Puppets War’s Wolf Shaman

8 days ago 2

Continuing to produce all manner of interesting spellcasters for use in your role-playing and skirmish games Puppets War have now released the Wolf Shaman.

Clad Yourself In Praetorian Strike Armour With Puppets War

21 days ago 3

Puppets War has added some new armour to their webstore for those of you wanting to armour up your Sci-Fi soldiers. Here we have the Praetorian Strike Armour…

A Sorcerer Weaves His Spells Over Puppets War

30 days ago 6

Following up on the release of their Druid, Puppets War have come out with another magic caster; a cowled and mysterious Sorcerer.

A Druid Communes With Nature At Puppets War

36 days ago 4

A new spell caster has joined the ranks of Puppets War, a druid with the forces of nature at his beck and call.

Send Your Infantry Scuttling Out On Puppets War’s Cyber Legs

53 days ago 5

Puppets War have released a set of spidery cyber legs to upgrade your infantry and send the scuttling all over the battlefield.

Raving Tormentor Cultists Hit The Tabletop From Puppets War

70 days ago 5

Puppets War have been tinkering away on some new bad guys for you to add to your games. Here we have the Tormentors who look like just the fodder you need for a heroic attack on a dread fortress filled with demons.

Puppets War Cast A Spell With The Release Of Their Sorceresses

73 days ago 13

Puppets War have released their new unit of sorceresses, ready to weave their magic on the tabletop.

Puppets War Prepare A Band of Female Adventurers

78 days ago 3

Puppets War have another preview for us, a band of female swashbucklers who are almost ready to set out on an adventure.

Puppets War’s New Monster Proves Two Heads Are Better Than One

80 days ago 8

Puppets War have published a preview for the new beasty they are working on, a two-headed hound from either the depths of hell or outer space.

Martial Arts & Sci-Fi Style Combines For Puppets War’s Raijin Trooper

83 days ago 5

Puppets War are combining the Far East with some Sci-Fi awesomeness as they add their new Raijin Trooper to their webstore for use in your games.

What Catches Your Eye From Puppets War’s Preview Bundle?

86 days ago 3

Puppets War have shown off a different type of preview this week as they bundled together all manner of interesting bits they are working on and dumped them into a big pile.

Welcome To Puppet Wars’ Steam Club!

103 days ago 2

Puppets War have now delivered the first of their invites out to people so they can join their Steam Club which kicks off their Steampunk range for you to use in whatever game takes your fancy…

Puppets War Drops Teaser Pic Of Hodgepodge Robot

106 days ago 3

Looking to add a stompy robot side kick to your collection? Have a look at the latest teaser image from Puppets War!