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Go Mad For Puppets Wars Mad Orc Heads

6 days ago 3

Puppets War have a new selection of orc heads that are enough to drive even a greenskin completely mad.

Rattling Skeletons Shamble To Life From Puppets War

12 days ago 7

Puppets War has been tinkering away on some more undead this week as they showed off this preview of some Undead Knights.

Smash Stuff Up With Puppets War’s Orc Hooligans

13 days ago 2

Bringing together the very best and brash of the Orc race Puppets War has designed a set of new models, the Orc Hooligans.

Puppets War’s Orc Thugs Are Ready For A Scrap!

22 days ago 2

The unit of heavy armoured orcs Puppets War were previewing have been released. The Combat Thugs are ready for the fight!

Puppets War Seek A Name For New Orc Unit

26 days ago 3

Puppets War have a new heavily armoured orc unit waiting for a name before they can go stomping out onto the battlefield.

Puppets War Arm Their Sci-Fi Orcs With Shooters

27 days ago 3

Puppets War turns their attention to Sci-Fi once more as they show off their new Orc Shooters as an alternative option for use in your games, especially the likes of Warhammer 40,000.

Battle With Some Brawny Barbarians By Puppets War

32 days ago 3

Puppets War has put together a fine looking collection of Barbarians for you to use in your skirmish games and as role-playing characters if you so wished too!

Puppets War Tease Chunky Alpha Outpost Terrain

40 days ago 3

Puppets War has put together a little preview which has got folks excited. See what you think of the towering walkways of Alpha Outpost.

Puppets War Build A Tactical Tower To Protect The Table

43 days ago 2

Puppets War have released a new terrain piece, a tactical tower that can be combined with turrets to improve your defences.

Puppets War Prepare To Raise The Dead

47 days ago 4

Puppets War have published a preview for what promises to be a new set of necromantic skeletal sculpts.

Summon The Power Of Nature With Puppets War’s Wolf Shaman

48 days ago 2

Continuing to produce all manner of interesting spellcasters for use in your role-playing and skirmish games Puppets War have now released the Wolf Shaman.

Clad Yourself In Praetorian Strike Armour With Puppets War

61 days ago 3

Puppets War has added some new armour to their webstore for those of you wanting to armour up your Sci-Fi soldiers. Here we have the Praetorian Strike Armour…

A Sorcerer Weaves His Spells Over Puppets War

70 days ago 6

Following up on the release of their Druid, Puppets War have come out with another magic caster; a cowled and mysterious Sorcerer.

A Druid Communes With Nature At Puppets War

76 days ago 4

A new spell caster has joined the ranks of Puppets War, a druid with the forces of nature at his beck and call.

Send Your Infantry Scuttling Out On Puppets War’s Cyber Legs

93 days ago 5

Puppets War have released a set of spidery cyber legs to upgrade your infantry and send the scuttling all over the battlefield.