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Puppets War Prepare A Trio Of Officers To Take Command


Puppets War has previewed three Officer models to lead their scifi troopers in combat.

Puppets War Embrace The Post-Apocalypse & Demon Hordes


Puppets War shared some more work-in-progress images from their workbench this week including a look at some upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Bodies which will be making the rounds in the near future.

Puppets War Release Trench Troopers & Some Top Secret Plans


Puppets War have released a new set Trench Trooper heads to get your scifi minis stuck into the grind of far future defence emplacements.

Stalk Your Foes With Puppets War’s New Shadow Hounds Unit


Good killers are hard to come by, especially an entire unit of bloodthirsty butchers. The new Shadow Hounds from Puppets War look like they have sliced and diced their way through many an army…

Puppets War Head To The Big Freeze With New Arctic Heads


Puppets War is going to heading into the freezing cold and they may be a while as they show off their new Arctic Head options for your soldiers.

Stand To Attention For Puppets War’s Officer Heads


Puppets War have revealed an upcoming set of the true heads of office.

Puppets War Send New Troopers Soaring


Puppets War have previewed their new troopers, showing off their capacity for magnatised equipment.

Heads And Dice Roll At Puppets War


Puppets War have some new stuff on the way, including their own sets of dice and some new heads.

Puppets War Prepare For The Winter With New Heads


Puppets War are working on releasing some new head options to help prepare you for the winter.

Puppets War Release A Horde Of Dead Zombie Heads


It seems Puppets War are getting ahead of the zombie apocalypse with their new zombie heads.

Puppets War Reveal The First Figure For A Whole New Faction


Puppets War are getting ready to bring out a whole new faction of scifi minis and have just previewed the first figure to make up its ranks.

Jetbikes Will Soon Soar Out From Puppets War


Puppets War have published a couple of previews promising some alien jet bikes to send soaring over the gaming table.

Puppets War Score A Dead Hit With Rotting Heads


Puppets War have previewed the next set of alternate heads they are working on, a selection of rotting zombie heads.

Puppets War Hand Out Guns To A Crew Of Dark Cultists


As a rule, it’s probably a bad idea to give cultists weaponry, especially if they end up with gear like the models Puppets War have previewed are sporting.

A Crew Of Crazy Clowns Appears At Puppets War


It looks like this Halloween is going to be a jolly occassion for Puppets War, as they have previewed a whole set of clown heads.

A Nameless Terror Takes Form At Puppets War


Puppets War are preparing for Halloween and have just published a preview of what could be the most terrifying miniature on the table.

Puppets War’s Immortals Show Their Skeletal Face


Puppets War have released a new selection of heads that people have long been waiting for; the skeletal Immortal Helmets.

Puppets War Warm Up Machine Guns For A New Turret


Puppets War have shown off the next heavy weapon they are preparing to provide for your vehicles and turrets.

Puppets War’s Assassins Helmets Are Coming For The Kill


Puppets War have released a new set of Assassins Helmets to send your miniatures out for the kill.

Puppets War’s Cheerleader Cheers On Their Pilot Heads


Puppets War have a pair of new previews up, ranging from a cheerleader from the fantasy football sidelines to a new pilot helmet design.