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Puppets War Prepare A Pile Of Big Guns


Puppets War are preparing a selection of new gun options, for when the big guns you need to bring out could be bigger.

Puppets Wars Updated Their Heavy Bikers


Puppets War have released the new V2 versions of their Heavy Bikers.

Ravens Flock Out Of Puppets War


Quoth the raven, new release! Puppets War have now released a flock of their new black feathered birds.

New Snipers Pop Their Heads Up At Puppets War


Puppets War have published a new preview of their upcoming Midget Snipers.

Puppets War Come Up With A New Look Motorcycle Biker


Puppets War have remastered their biker model and are getting to send him out on a new look motorcycle.

Recon Enemy Positions With Puppets War’s New Hound Car


Puppets War has been showing off their new Hound GP Car which will be taking to the field during your Sci-Fi games.

Puppets War Counters Help Orcs With Dere Numbas


Puppets War have previewed the next of their thematic counters, this time helping the orcs when they run out of fingers to count on.

Puppets War Go Undercover With Some Midget Snipers


Puppets War is going to the effectiveness of a small sniper team with some of their upcoming releases as they show off this new set.

An Unkindness of Ravens Flocks To Puppets War


It looks as though the folks at Puppets War are planning to recreate Hitchcocks The Birds as they preview the models for a flock of ravens.

Puppets War Have A Huge New Battlewalker Available Now


The Prime Knight Battlewalker is equipped for war