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Puppets War Raise A Host Of Zombie Heads

4 hours ago 1

Puppets War have revealed an upcoming selection of zombie heads which will soon be rotting on the tabletop.

The Arachnoid Prime Scuttles Forth From Puppets War

3 days ago 6

Building on their range of alien bugs the folks at Puppets War has now found a new evolution of their Arachnoids, the Arachnoid Prime!

What Can We Find Among Puppets War’s New Casts?

5 days ago 1

Puppets War have shown off some of their new casts, giving us an intriguing glimpse of some upcoming releases.

Puppets War’s Ultimate Player Appears On The Pitch

7 days ago 1

Puppets War have revealed the first render for their upcoming Ultimate Player.

Puppets War Preview Their Own Fantasy Football Teams

20 days ago 1

Puppets War previewed what they have in store for Fantasy Football lovers. These pieces of concept art popped up showing off a variety of different races.

The Insectoid Crawlers Burrow Forth From Puppets War!

31 days ago 5

Bursting from the ground to feed on your soldiers the Insectoid Crawlers have popped up for Puppets War.

Chittering Bug Heads Prepare To Swarm Puppets War

38 days ago 3

Puppets War have previewed a new set of heads that suggest we might be facing something of a bug problem in the near future.

Puppets War Preview New Concept Art For 2017

53 days ago 12

Puppets War has taken to Facebook showing off a teaser of what lies ahead for 2017. A new range of Sci-Fi Creations look to be on the way with walkers, troopers, vehicles and more coming soon.

Puppets War Unleash The Barghests On Your Heroes

61 days ago 6

If you’re looking for some ultimate devil dogs to unleash on your friends as you play role-playing games, or you just want some loyal hounds to fight alongside your warlord; see what you think of these Barghests from Puppets War.

A Necromancer Raises The Dead At Puppets War

77 days ago 4

Puppets War have released their latest spell caster, a notorious dabbler in the arts of death, a sinister Necromancer.

Go Mad For Puppets Wars Mad Orc Heads

88 days ago 3

Puppets War have a new selection of orc heads that are enough to drive even a greenskin completely mad.

Rattling Skeletons Shamble To Life From Puppets War

94 days ago 7

Puppets War has been tinkering away on some more undead this week as they showed off this preview of some Undead Knights.

Smash Stuff Up With Puppets War’s Orc Hooligans

95 days ago 2

Bringing together the very best and brash of the Orc race Puppets War has designed a set of new models, the Orc Hooligans.

Puppets War’s Orc Thugs Are Ready For A Scrap!

105 days ago 2

The unit of heavy armoured orcs Puppets War were previewing have been released. The Combat Thugs are ready for the fight!

Puppets War Seek A Name For New Orc Unit

108 days ago 3

Puppets War have a new heavily armoured orc unit waiting for a name before they can go stomping out onto the battlefield.