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Puppets War’s Mech Gets A Few Upgrades

6 hours ago 1

Puppets War published a preview promising some upgrades for their mech.

Puppets War Roll Out Game Counters For All Occasions

4 days ago 5

Puppets War are enhancing their recently released skull and battle counters with new variant design options.

Puppets War Combine Some Pieces For a New Hand Weapon

9 days ago 2

Puppets War have previewed a new hand weapon they are looking for a name for.

Puppets War Prepare For Mechanised Mayhem With New WIP

13 days ago 2

Puppets War are working on a new mech, which will soon be stomping its way onto the battlefield.

Puppets War Let Loose A Horde Of Infant Demonic Elementals

19 days ago 4

Things are about to start catching fire as Puppets War have released new Infant Demonic Elementals.

Puppets War Begin Work On a New Battle Mech

20 days ago 0

Puppets War have given us another quick look at their sculpting bench with this WiP mech.

Puppets War Give A Big Hand For Fantasy Football

23 days ago 1

Puppets War have published a preview of the next project they are working on, something to help your players keep a hold of the ball in fantasy football.

Puppets War Start Work On A New Four By Four

25 days ago 1

Puppets War have given us a sneak peak at their work bench, which currently features the beginnings of a new four by four vehicle.

What New Sci-Fi Tech Are Puppets War Teasing Us With?

27 days ago 1

Puppets War have published a new preview for the next piece of scifi tech to make it onto their sculpting bench.

Puppets War’s New Fire Elementals Burn Brightly

36 days ago 4

If you need some fiery elementals to come and join your tabletop adventures then see what you think of the collection Puppets War is putting together.

Puppets War Begin The Count Down On New Magnetic Counters

39 days ago 8

Puppets War have come out with a new selection of counters, using magnets to help you keep track of whatever is happening in your games.

A Massive Mecha Stomps Into Battle From Puppets War

41 days ago 3

Puppets War is stomping into battle soon with their absolutely massive Mecha which you can check out below scaled against some of the other components on offer by them.

Rev The Engines On Puppets War’s Orc Warchopper Biker

46 days ago 3

Puppets War is hitting the dusty trail with a rampaging Orc Warchopper Biker.

Puppets War Get Brutal Using Orc Hand Weapons

96 days ago 1

Puppets War have released a new set of hand weapons for those orcs which prefer the traditional approach of clobbering up close and personal.

Puppets War Look To Name New Unit of Fearsome Furies

117 days ago 5

Puppets War have revealed a new unit that they will soon be releasing, but they don’t quite know what manner of monsters they have created.