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Jetbikes Will Soon Soar Out From Puppets War


Puppets War have published a couple of previews promising some alien jet bikes to send soaring over the gaming table.

Puppets War Score A Dead Hit With Rotting Heads


Puppets War have previewed the next set of alternate heads they are working on, a selection of rotting zombie heads.

Puppets War Hand Out Guns To A Crew Of Dark Cultists


As a rule, it’s probably a bad idea to give cultists weaponry, especially if they end up with gear like the models Puppets War have previewed are sporting.

A Crew Of Crazy Clowns Appears At Puppets War


It looks like this Halloween is going to be a jolly occassion for Puppets War, as they have previewed a whole set of clown heads.

A Nameless Terror Takes Form At Puppets War


Puppets War are preparing for Halloween and have just published a preview of what could be the most terrifying miniature on the table.

Puppets War’s Immortals Show Their Skeletal Face


Puppets War have released a new selection of heads that people have long been waiting for; the skeletal Immortal Helmets.

Puppets War Warm Up Machine Guns For A New Turret


Puppets War have shown off the next heavy weapon they are preparing to provide for your vehicles and turrets.

Puppets War’s Assassins Helmets Are Coming For The Kill


Puppets War have released a new set of Assassins Helmets to send your miniatures out for the kill.

Puppets War’s Cheerleader Cheers On Their Pilot Heads


Puppets War have a pair of new previews up, ranging from a cheerleader from the fantasy football sidelines to a new pilot helmet design.

Orcs Keep Count Using Puppets War’s New Counters


Puppets War have released their new Orc Counters to help you keep track of your greenskin hordes.

Puppets War’s Counters Take A Monstrous Turn


Puppets War have another take on their magnetized counters making its debut appearance. This time they are turning them into something a bit monstrous.

Take Aim At Puppets War’s Halfling Snipers


Puppets War have released a team of halfling snipers, ready to bring their fine aim and steady trigger finger to the table.

Grab Skull Helmets For Your Sci-Fi Soldiers With Puppets War


Puppets War has shown off a rather awesome preview. It’s a little one, but it already has people looking to pick these Skull Helmets up for their Death Company models in Blood Angel armies.

Puppets War Rip Out Their Ripper Arms


Puppets War have released their new Ripper Arms, giving your heavy armoured minis a hand in close combat.

Puppets War Prepare A Pile Of Big Guns


Puppets War are preparing a selection of new gun options, for when the big guns you need to bring out could be bigger.

Puppets Wars Updated Their Heavy Bikers


Puppets War have released the new V2 versions of their Heavy Bikers.

Ravens Flock Out Of Puppets War


Quoth the raven, new release! Puppets War have now released a flock of their new black feathered birds.

New Snipers Pop Their Heads Up At Puppets War


Puppets War have published a new preview of their upcoming Midget Snipers.

Puppets War Come Up With A New Look Motorcycle Biker


Puppets War have remastered their biker model and are getting to send him out on a new look motorcycle.

Recon Enemy Positions With Puppets War’s New Hound Car


Puppets War has been showing off their new Hound GP Car which will be taking to the field during your Sci-Fi games.