Puppets War Don the Goggles for the ‘Flying Coffin’

May 25, 2012 by brennon

Another flyer from the world of crazy alternates that is Puppets War. Check out this crazy Orcoplane nicknamed the Flying Coffin by its haphazard crew of misfits!

Orcoplane (Front)

Orcoplane (Top)

Orcoplane (Underneath)

So that’s the aircraft which actually looks pretty war worthy for an Orc creation. But what about the crew that pilots this death trap? Here they are!

Orcoplane Goblin Gunner #1

Orcoplane (Exposed Pilot)

Orcoplane Goblin Gunner #2

Some fantastic fun in this model especially from the Goblins who really look like they are enjoying the ride. After all, the more Dakka this thing can put out the happier they will become.

I expect a lot of greenskin lovers will be jumping on this one.