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Small Paul Joins Purgatory & Armoured Syndicate Kickstarters

11 hours ago 0

There’s nothing not to love about a mini that you can use between two different games. Underestimated Games and Black Phoenix Games have teamed up to offer Small Paul as an exclusive mini shared between the Purgatory and Armoured Syndicate Kickstarters.

Terrifying Moloch Joins Murder Inc. In The Purgatory Kickstarter With New Goals!

3 days ago 1

Underestimated Games has pulled out the big guns with a finished Moloch mini for Murder Inc., and he looks incredible! Don’t you worry, because there’s plenty of other fan favorites that have just been added as stretch goals including Faith and Bridezilla.

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

14 days ago 59

The Gangbanger Bikers Get Added As Stretch Goals For Purgatory!

15 days ago 9

A new gang of trouble is headed into the War for Heaven on Earth in the latest teaser stretch goal for Purgatory. Underestimated Games couldn’t help but dangle a few new images while heading into the weekend. Will you be joining their gang?

A Trick Or Treat Miniature Is Next Stretch Goal For Purgatory

17 days ago 0

The good stuff from Underestimated Games just keeps coming for their War For Heaven, Purgatory. As the stretch goals continue to break loose, we’ve seen a teaser image for a rockn’ mercenary miniature as their Trick Or Treat Yourself goal!

The War For Heaven Has Hit Kickstarter With Purgatory

18 days ago 8

The time has come, and the War For Heaven has descended upon Kickstarter. Purgatory is live, funded and busting through stretch goals and Underestimated Games is ready unleash their creativity!

The War For Heaven Arrives Early With Purgatory Launch Friday!

23 days ago 5

The wait is almost over as Purgatory will be heading to Kickstarter early! Underestimated Games is ready to unleash the War for Heaven this Friday, October 7th.


Q&A Time! Underestimated Games Talk The War For Heaven In Purgatory

45 days ago 13

Dawn gets to chat with Gary from Underestimated Games about their fantastic project, Purgatory. The war in Heaven is coming down to Earth!

New Box Cover Art For Underestimated Games’ Purgatory

60 days ago 2

As they’re getting closer to Kickstarter launch in October, the fellas Underestimated Games have called an audible and changed up the box art for their game- and they’ve nailed it! Have a look at the stunning new graphics for their game box.

The Very Sexy Jess Sculpt For Purgatory Is Nearly Ready For Murder Inc.

73 days ago 7

Underestimated Games is really ramping things up as they are getting closer to their Kickstarter for Purgatory. The super sexy, Jess, of Murder Inc. looks like she’ll be a wicked distraction on the table in the war for Heaven.

Fancy Art Drops For Purgatory Showing The Mighty Harut

101 days ago Comments Off

The War for Heaven is making its way to Earth this fall in Purgatory from Underestimated Games. Harut is one of the many brilliant characters in this captivating game concept, and he’s shown in this stunning piece of art raining down his cosmic powers to the war on Earth below.

Purgatory Shows Off New Concept Art For The Refugees Of Religion

123 days ago Comments Off

There couldn’t be a war for Heaven without angels involved, and this week Underestimated games is showing off the elusive host for the Refugees of Religion. Penemue has all the beauty and grace you’d expect from an angel, down to her exquisite wings.

The Soul Train’s Mike Revealed For The Upcoming Game Purgatory

126 days ago 2

It turns out that singing it not the only thing the Soul Train’s, Mike, is good at in Purgatory. Have a look at another one of the fantastic miniatures Underestimated Games has brought forward for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Unholy Moly! Look At The Size Of Moloch For Purgatory!

144 days ago 1

Just in case you’ve been wondering what scale Moloch would be in the world of Purgatory, Underestimated Games has offered a one time peek. This guy is HUGE! The next time you see Moloch will be a finished product in the Kickstarter this October.

Moloch Brings Some Scary Stats To The World Of Purgatory

158 days ago 3

If you thought the art for the soul eating monster, Moloch, was terrifying, wait until you see his stats! Underestimated Games has really developed a menace with this big guy of Murder Inc. for Purgatory.