PWORK Take You To A Meka Desert With New Mat

April 4, 2016 by brennon

PWORK have another mat for you to consider for your Sci-Fi adventures. The latest is their Meka Desert which makes me think of the wild open plains where an Ork army might battle it out atop wild contraptions.

Meka Desert

The thing that sets this apart from other deserts would be the battle damage to it and the small craters that show strange objectives worth taking note of. You could also bring in the likes of Mad Max style racing to this mat where you skid around.

Meka Desert #1

Meka Desert #2

I think we’re seeing some really nice variations on tabletops with these mats allowing you to go to a variety of different planets and fight out battles in different terrain. All you’d need is some rocky outcrops and this would be sorted.

What do you think?

"All you'd need is some rocky outcrops and this would be sorted..."

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