Check Out A Raging Collection Of Tough Girls!

December 10, 2013 by dracs

Did somebody call for a doctor? No? Well tough, Raging Heroes are bringing you to the tender mercies of Dr Von X as well as a whole lot of other awesome renders for the future. See what you think of this bevy of beauties.

Aaqila Noyakin

Baba Yaga

Doctor Von X

Drusilla Lepic

Irina Vega

Lady Hilda Von Stronheim

So what do you think so far? That is a LOT of different ladies rocking some awesome models and perfect for a range of different games. BUT we’re not done yet!

Mad Nurse Bernadetta

Mimi The Radio

Mortaria Noctis (without mask)

Mortaria Noctis


Vera Krabbenhoft

Volga Potemkine

So I think you will agree that is an awesome collection of brilliant battle sisters! Which is going to be your lady of choice when it comes to fighting on the battlefield?

Is Raging Heroes’ angel of mercy and her kin your cup of tea?