The WereSheWolves Come Howling Into Battle From Raging Heroes

September 27, 2016 by brennon

The snarling WereSheWolves from Raging Heroes are now available for you to snap up from their webstore. Take a look at them howling at the moon, getting ready to tear their foes asunder!

Wereshewolves Set

I really like what they’ve done here to take them to that next level, giving them crazy over the top musculature and poses which show them in the midst of violence. I think with a bit of blood splashed over those claws and their bodies they’d look even more dangerous!

I’m not entirely sure all of them needed to have their mouths open as it does tend to make them all feel like the same model, simply posed different, but other than that I think these would be great for your gaming and hobbying.


Each of the WereSheWolves are available separately as well as part of the larger box so if you like one design you can simply stick with her. Reyha, Sheera, Vankaree, and Zagrath could each be a major project in themselves if you wanted to spend a long time getting everything right when it comes to painting.


Vankaree above was one of my favourites from the box because the pose looked like she was getting ready for a strike; a neat action shot!

What do you think of their wild wolf women?

"I think with a bit of blood splashed over those claws and their bodies they'd look even more dangerous!"