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Weekender: Star Trek Ascendancy Interview & Exploring The Mysteries Of Mythos

Weekender: Star Trek Ascendancy Interview And Exploring The Mysteries Of Mythos

244 days ago 164

Welcome to The Weekender where we
have some fantastic guests to talk with
today from Paranoid Miniatures and
Gale Force Nine. We’ll be chatting
Mythos and Star Trek: Ascendancy!

Soda Pop & Ninja Division Launch Rail Raiders Infinite Kickstarter

245 days ago 4

Soda Pop Miniatures & Ninja Division are having some rootin’ tootin’ Sci-Fi cowboy fun as the Rail Raiders Infinite Kickstarter begins. If you ever wanted to get stuck into a world of chibi Space Cowboys then this is your window to the world…

Poker Dice Will Decide The Fates In Upcoming Rail Riders

254 days ago Comments Off

The latest game from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures, Rail Riders, launches next week on Kickstarter. In this sci fi western board game, players will decide their fates in a hand of poker rolled with their fantastic poker dice.

Rail Riders Infinite Set To Launch On Kickstarter April 4th

260 days ago 4

Something out of this world is heading our way from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures April 4th! Rail Riders Infinite, a chibi sci fi/western board game, will be taking to Kickstarter in April and will be bringing new chibi must haves for our collections.