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Captain Redbeard’s Pirate Dwarves Hits Kickstarter

25 days ago 7

Ral Partha Europe has a Kickstarter campaign currently happening for some interesting take on pirates, Captain Redbeard’s Pirate Dwarves.

Ral Partha Fund Their Veteran Dwarf Warband On Kickstarter

424 days ago 9

Ral Partha have managed to fund a new set of Dwarves for you to use on the tabletop with their Veteran Warband Kickstarter. Five new sculpts are now available along with some stretch goals which have already been unlocked…

Ral Partha To Launch A Dwarven Mini-Kickstarter Soon

442 days ago 8

Ral Partha are going to be taking to Kickstarter soon for a mini-campaign which will look at funding a Dwarf Warband. We have some previews below from social media showing off two of the Dwarves marching out on an adventure…

Ral Partha Plan Kickstarter For New Dwarf Warriors

519 days ago 6

Ral Partha have put together a preview of some of their upcoming Dwarves which might be part of a small Kickstarter which focuses on bringing them to life and added a few extras into the mix for good measure…

Ral Partha Re-Release Demonworld Core Rulebook

606 days ago 9

Ral Partha have re-released the Core Rulebook for Demonworld removing the need for hexes in game and featuring armies of smaller unit sizes. Of course they also have an entire range dedicated to the game too…

Ral-Partha Start A 15mm Skirmish Between High Elves & Orcs!

799 days ago 3

Ral Partha Europe have put together some awesome sets of 15mm Fantasy Figures that would make great heroes and villains for your tabletop role-playing gams and heroes for armies of course.

The War Vixens Hit The Ral Partha Streets Of BlightHaven

948 days ago 2

Ral Partha have put together a new warband for your gaming in BlightHaven! What do you think of them and do you play the game itself?

Ral Partha Raise The Dead For 18mm Fantasy Warfare

1215 days ago 7

See what Ral Partha have in store with some 18mm Undead Warriors for their myriad of fantasy games.

Ral Partha Take You To The 15mm World Of BlightHaven

1471 days ago 4

Check out these BlightHaven Warbands from Ral Partha Europe ready to take on the fantasy world!

Ral Partha Have Tiny Lizardmen Skulking On The Horizon

1494 days ago 2

Check out some more upcoming models from the folks at Ral Partha Europe. This time they have a Lizard-like edge!

Ral Partha Bolster the Dwarven Clans in Demonworld

1716 days ago 1

Ral Partha expand their Dwarven army with a selection of new veterans and crossbowmen.

Oh the Horror! The Tentacled Ral Partha Horror!

1758 days ago 6

Ral Partha Europe, providers of the classic DemonWorld range, have announced the release in their new RPE Exclusives range. Dare you face the tentacled monstrosity of the Scyphozoan?

More Elves Spring from the Ral Partha Woods

1775 days ago 2

Ral Partha have plenty of Elves for your 15mm Fantasy wargaming.

15mm Goblin Mayhem from Ral Partha Europe

1943 days ago 2

If you’ve ever been tempted by 15mm fantasy… and with the price of 28mm I’m sure many of you have.
Then take a look at the latest range of 15mm Goblins from Ral Partha Europe.