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Check Out Ramshackle Games’ Mini Gangs Characters


A new game is in development from Ramshackle Games called Mini Gangs. While the rules are still a little way off we are getting our first look at some of the models for it.

Weekender XLBS: Warren's Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop


New Big Chunky Tanks Roll Out Of Ramshackle Games


Ramshackle Games are rolling out two new big tanks for you to play around with on the tabletop with the Battle Cat and the Rhebok Support Vehicle, Pelovoris.

New Chompy Orc Jet Bike Option From Ramshackle Games Kickstarter


If you’re looking for a sweet new ride for your orcs, then you’ll love the latest addition to the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter from Ramshackle Games. You’ve got just a few more days to add these awesome kitbashing bits to your collection.

Ramshackle Games Takes To Kickstarter With A Jet Bike Construction Kit


How better to traverse the galaxy than on your own jet bike? Ramshackle Games has taken to Kickstarter with their Jet Bike Construction Kit to bring gamers customizable options to outfit bikes for their armies.

Ramshackle’s Boom Wagon Is More Cannon Than Car


Ramshackle Games has added a rather quirky looking piece of kit to their webstore with the Boom Wagon. This is definitely more cannon than car but perfect for someone who doesn’t care about safety!

Ramshackle’s Abominations Lumber Into Life


Ramshackle have added another strange construct to their collection for use in your Sci-Fi games. Here we have the Abomination, a twisted amalgamation of metal and flesh.

Weekender XLBS: The Cult Of The New; Are People Playing Too Many Games?

Weekender XLBS: The Cult Of The New; Are People Playing Too Many Games?


Sit back and relax (maybe with an ASMR Video?)
and join us for The Weekender XLBS…

Rev Your Engines With Ramshackle’s Dwarf Bikers


Ramshackle Games have headed to Kickstarter with a nifty project for those of you who like Post-Apocalyptic mayhem with a twist. Here we have their Dwarf Biker Kickstarter with some mean looking riders looking for a fight…

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Strike On Kickstarter!


Phew it’s been quite a weekend.
With that in mind sit back and
relax with us as we chill for
The Weekender XLBS…