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Reaper Miniatures’ Fire Demon Coming To Bones 4 Kickstarter

7 hours ago 4

Reaper Miniatures has shown off their newest Bones 4 Kickstarter preview with the monstrous Fire Demon sculpted by Tim Hill.

More Fantasy Teasers Pop Up For Reaper’s Bones 4 Campaign

3 days ago 7

Reaper Miniatures has shown off some more teasers of what’s coming to their Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter campaign which will launch later this summer in August.

Prepare For Reaper Bones 4 Coming In August!

13 days ago 20

As if the mountains of plastic models you had from Reaper Miniatures wasn’t enough, they are coming back to Kickstarter in August for Reaper Bones 4!

Summon Spells With Reaper’s July Anniversary Wizard

21 days ago 6

Continuing their anniversary period celebrating twenty-five years of Reaper Miniatures they have shown off the model for July. Meet Darius The Blue!

Reaper Gives A Heads Up On July Releases & A Mighty Dragon

29 days ago 10

Reaper Miniatures have given us a look ahead to what’s coming in July of this year and it appears as if it’s going to be a lot of undead shambling around!

Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!

Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!

34 days ago 59

A Wolsung Boot Camp announced and Six-Day War battles to fight in this week’s show!

Community Spotlight: Mighty Elementals, Ancient Skirmishers & A Snarling Helbrute

34 days ago 6

Come and join us for another round of fantastic work from our community in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

CROM: Conan Rise Of Monsters Returns To Kickstarter Today

37 days ago 4

Later today the world of CROM: Conan Rise Of Monsters from Pulposaurus Entertainment is going to be coming back to Kickstarter. The campaign is set to launch at 12pm EST which works out as 5pm BST.

June Brings Another Reaper Anniversary Spellcaster To The Table

51 days ago 5

Reaper Miniatures has now shown off the Anniversary Miniature, Trista The Loremistress, which will be available in June. A perfect character to use as your new Mage, Wizard, Sorcerer or Warlock in your D&D games.

Strike From The Shadows With Reaper’s Special May Miniature

79 days ago 3

Acting as an assassin and rogue Reaper Miniatures has let loose Eli Quicknight onto the tabletop as their Anniversary Miniature for the month of May.

Weekender XLBS: Building Your Collection; Bespoke Miniatures Or Masses Of Plastic?

Weekender XLBS: Bespoke Miniatures Vs Masses Of Plastic?

96 days ago 66

Sit down and relax with us as we
talk skeletal hordes and building
up your collection with all
manner of miniatures.

The Sledgehammer BFG Set To Fire From Victoria Miniatures In May

105 days ago 5

Victoria Miniatures has previewed the final look for their mighty Sledgehammer BFG. This monstrous gun is going to be available in May over on their webstore, so save some war bonds to buy this one!

April Welcomes Reaper’s Whimsical Hecklemeyer & Styx

114 days ago 2

Reaper Miniatures has shown off the next special miniature to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. April is a month of fools and so it seems apt that they’d welcome Hecklemeyer & Styx to the tabletop.

Tara The Silent Is The Model Of The Month From Reaper

147 days ago 5

Continuing their year of Anniversary Models, Reaper Miniatures has now shown off the new one for March. Meet Tara The Silent, a daring Rogue and Assassin ready to slit throats and purse strings on the street of a Fantasy city.

Domur The High Mage Is Reaper’s February Anniversary Miniature

174 days ago 2

This year is an important one for Reaper Miniatures as they celebrate twenty-five years of making models for us to play games with. Each month they will have a special miniature to commemorate this and February welcomes Domur, The High Mage.