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Pick Up Reaper Miniatures 25th Anniversary Miniature For January Soon

23 days ago 6

As this marks twenty-five years of creating miniatures for the industry, Reaper Miniatures are going to be releasing a special miniature each month this year. The first for January is this Grim Reaper.

The Christmas Knight & More Goodies From Reaper

36 days ago 3

Reaper Miniatures are showing off a rather awesome selection of Christmas miniatures including this valiant looking Christmas Knight who is there to defend the realm during this holiday period.

Reaper Previews Upcoming Terrain Piece For Bones Collection

40 days ago 4

Reaper Miniatures has a nice terrain piece to be released in the upcoming months. I think it would look great on a fantasy table.

Reaper Shows Off The 2016 Sophie Mini For ReaperCon

156 days ago 3

October is a fantastic fall month that not only features Halloween, but Reaper Miniatures, ReaperCon as well! There will of course, be a lovely new Sophie mini available at the con to add to your collection.

Delve In A New Dungeon With Secret Weapon’s Tablescape Kickstarter

167 days ago 7

Delve deep into Secret Weapon’s new Tablescape Dungeon Mines in search of treasure and more!

Conan: Rise Of Monsters Gearing Up For Gen Con 2016

178 days ago 7

CROM is making its way to Gen Con 2016 with renewed vigour and a taste for Conan-based brutality!

Secret Weapon Announces Tablescapes: Dungeon Mines Kickstarter

199 days ago 6

If you were ever considering exploring dungeon mines in your adventuring, then you need to keep your eye out for the latest KS from Secret Weapon, Reaper and Dark Art Miniatures. July 25th will be the launch date for their new Tablescapes Duneons: Mines!

Reaper Look Ahead To April & New Releases

297 days ago 5

Reaper Miniatures look ahead to the month of April and a new list of releases coming your way for your role-playing games. As you can see there’s quite the range of undead creatures on the horizon…

Reaper Miniatures Look Ahead To March Releases

319 days ago 4

Reaper Miniatures have looked ahead to the end of March to a bunch of new metal releases for their various ranges. See what you think of the flier below…

Reaper Miniatures Preview Releases For November

431 days ago 4

Coming out towards the tail end of November on the 30th Reaper Miniatures have shown off the releases that you can expect to pick up. See what you think of them, presented in their latest newsletter…

Reaper Show Off More Spooky Bonesylvanians For October

460 days ago 1

Reaper Miniatures have continued to add to their range of Bonesylvanians during the month of October and this marks their third week. While you may have missed out on the first two weeks this set looks great and there’s still another one in addition to this coming soon too of course…

Pulposaurus & Reaper Team Up For Conan: Rise Of Monsters

528 days ago 4

If you haven’t heard by now the Conan: Rise Of Monsters Kickstarter has been cancelled and instead Pulposaurus are working in partnership with Reaper Miniatures on the project going forward.

The Sledgehammer Revealed For Reaper Mini’s Bones!

555 days ago 6

Sculpted by Victoria Lamb and Jake Schneider the M22 BFG also known as the ‘Sledgehammer’ is now available to pledge for over on the Reaper Miniatures Bones III Kickstarter thanks to Victoria Miniatures…

Victoria Miniatures Has a Female Crew In The Works For Bones III

559 days ago 6

Fantastic things happen when companies team up together to offer special additions in Kickstarters! Victoria Miniatures is offering a great bonus project in Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 project and the sneak peaks are looking pretty amazing!

Reaper Miniatures Bones Three Smashes Goal & Funds In Two Minutes!

564 days ago 6

Looking to expand your fantasy collection? Reaper Miniatures has their third Kickstarter crushing their goals! The Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 project has everything a fantasy collector could envision!