A Raft Of Cool New Releases From Reaper Miniatures!

August 11, 2014 by brennon

Reaper Miniatures have added a host of new miniatures to their repertoire this month so see what you think of models for Dark Heaven, Chronoscope and Pathfinder…

Grimm Grayrune, Dwarf Priest

The first up is Grim Grayrune who, despite being a Dwarf doesn’t quite do it for me. He looks a little bit like he’s melted onto his base into a puddle of goo. Maybe he had a bit of an accident with a clerical rite. The top half looks fine but the bottom of the front just looks strange to me.


Chronoscope is joined by the undead this month as the new Zombie pack arrives. The crawling one is quite cool and I do like the standing one two, looking like a bit of a hulk. He is also swinging around a bisected body – a pair of legs – as a weapon. That’s just pure awesome.


Cleric of Rovagug

Jolistina Susperio

Pathfinder is not to be outdone of course and you get the very cool looking Zayafid (top) who could easily be a Mage, Monk or Sorcerer in your role-playing games. He’s followed by the Cleric of Rovagug and that’s quite the martial version of a holy initiate! That’s all finished off by Jolistina doing a bit of juggling (note the mid-air knife attached to the hat). Want to go visit a haunted carnival? Now is your chance!

Will you be picking up any of these releases?