Reaper Receive Two Production Samples for Bones Dragons

November 3, 2014 by dracs

Reaper Miniatures have received two new production samples of their Bones range from overseas and have shown off these upcoming boxed releases of mighty dragons.

Reaper Bones Dragons Don't Share

Reaper Bones Khanjira

Both of these miniature sets were made with the funding Reaper got from their second Bones Kickstarter.

Dragons Don't Share


These are both very impressive sculpts, with the Dragons Don’t Share set being a particularly good diorama. Judging from these packaging images, the compenents are all very cleanly sculpted, which will mean the models should go together with very little difficulty. It will be interesting to see how people paint these up once they get released.

Did you help Reaper with their Bones range Kickstarters? What do you think of these large monster models?

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