Rebel Minis Add Three New Sets To 15mm Sci-Fi Range

September 30, 2014 by brennon

Rebel Minis have added three sets of 15mm to their Sci-Fi range. See what you think of the Death’s Head Mercs, Mech Pilots and Sons of Thunder Command & Heavy Weapons collections…

Death's Head Mercs

Mech Pilots

Sons of Thunder Command & Heavy Weapons

Once again I think the larger units look better than the individual miniatures when it comes to 15mm scale but the Death’s Head Mercs and Sons of Thunder actually look quite cool. Of course the Mech Pilots are there for when your big walkers get blown up and you need something to show an ejected pilot. Maybe that could be a new objective to fight over in a battle?

If 15mm Sci-Fi is your kind of thing then have you looked at Rebel Minis as a source of miniatures or is there another place you check out?

Let us know!

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