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Red Box Close In On Final Hours For Warbands Of The Cold North III Kickstarter

164 days ago 5

Red Box Games are closing in on the final few hours for their Warbands Of The Cold North III Kickstarter, adding even more, characters to their growing range of metal/resin figures in 28mm.

Red Box Games Are Funding Epic Fantasy Vikings

386 days ago 6

Red Box Games are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their Warbands of the Cold North. This is a new set of Epic Fantasy Vikings for use in your skirmish and role-playing games.

Red Box Games’ Barbarian Hordes Kickstarter Ends Today!

740 days ago 6

Red Box Games show off the progress being made on their small but successful Kickstarter to fund more warriors for the Barbarian Hordes!

The Barbarian Hordes Of Red Box Games Take Shape On Kickstarter

757 days ago 7

Red Box Games keep powering away on the sculpting for their range of Helsvakt warriors that will soon be adorning tabletops and fighting for the glory of their dark Gods.

Red Box Back On Kickstarter To Rally Their Barbarian Horde!

770 days ago 5

Red Box Games and Tre Manor leap back onto Kickstarter and blow the rallying horn of the HelsVakt as they summon more evil barbarians to their cause!

Three Days Left On Red Box’s Heroic Fantasy Kickstarter!

875 days ago 4

Red Box Games are closing in on the last few days of their latest Kickstarter and the showing is, as always, stunning. See what you think of some of their recent work.

Red Box Games is Back With More Heroic Miniatures

897 days ago 8

Red Box Games is trying to raise some more capital to bring us some more heroic miniatures.

Red Box’s Barbarian Horde Kickstarter Funded & Ending Soon!

1013 days ago 3

See what you think of some more awesome miniatures from Red Box Games via their Barbarian Horde Kickstarter. They have some great looking heroes and basic warriors for you to grab!

Red Box Games Talk Hordes Of HelsVakt Barbarians

1035 days ago 8

Red Box Games are powering through the last of their Kickstarter pledges and are focusing on the future with these awesome looking HelsVakt Barbarians!

Red Box Games Launches Nordic Warrior Kickstarter

1170 days ago 15

Red Box Games have headed back onto Kickstarter to help fund the production of six new awesome looking Njorn miniatures.

Red Box Return to Kickstarter for More Fantasy Funding

1409 days ago 3

Red Box Games, the makers of excellent fantasy miniatures and characters, are returning to kickstarter in order to get funding to expand its current ranges of fantasy minis. What could it have in store for us?

Red Box Games Kickstart A Horde Of New Goblins

1521 days ago 3

Red Box Games have another Kickstarter in the works and it has already smashed all the boundaries!

Red Box Games Preview Some Real Big Bad Wolves

1638 days ago 16

Red Box Games have published some WIP images of some upcoming wolf miniatures, which look fearsome enough even for a Stark to be proud of them.

Swell the Ranks of the HelsVakt Hordes with Red Box Games!

1715 days ago 8

The HelsVakt are expanding with Red Box Games’ new Kickstarter Campaign.

Red Box Games Send Up a Fenrisian Howl

1799 days ago 4

Red Box Games drag up a hellish looking beast and a snarling Fenris!