Relic Knights Quest: Winning Past The Learning Curve

April 6, 2017 by dignity

In this episode of Relic Knights Quest, John talks us through some of the different playstyles you can experience in Relic Knights compared to other games.

Relic Knights Quest: Winning Past The Learning Curve

Rather than filling your enemies with bullets, knife wounds and making a mess, you need to switch up some tactics to make sure that you can grab and deny any objectives that you can, while you can.

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Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Updates

Note that there have been some changes to the rules in the new 2nd Edition that will affect some points in this video as it was recorded before the new edition was available…

  • 1:21 John asks what his opponent’s condition is. In 2nd edition, both players will have the same primary and secondary condition to attempt to score points from. Faction conditions are no longer used. This is all to streamline the game and make it easier to know how to score victory points.
  • 9:20 The Opponent draws cards when the Diamond Corp is attacked. Minions (Diamond Corp) no longer have separate skills and won’t draw cards like this. This speeds things up and moves resourcing to heroes.
  • 12:12 John points out that damaging his Berserker will make him drop the token he is carrying. In 2nd edition, this isn’t the case. Not having to drop it and pick it up again streamlines the game and shifts the focus to destroying the unit that is carrying the token that is important to scoring victory points.

Are you ready to embrace change?