Relic Knights Quest: Multiple Unit Activation Tactics

April 20, 2017 by dignity

Welcome back to more tips and tricks from the world of Relic Knights by Ninja Division. In this episode, we’re looking at tactics for multiple unit activations.

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Relic Knights Quest: Multiple=

We’ve come up with a plan to assassinate one of John’s miniatures. Will our plan work out or will we end up losing an important part of our force!

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Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Updates

Note that there have been some changes to the rules in the new 2nd Edition that will affect some points in this video as it was recorded before the new edition was available…

  • 1:50 Link no longer exists BUT now whenever a hero moves into the active slot a minion is moved into the minion slot. So you pretty much get to activate link every activation. This speeds up the game in general and allows players to more efficiently use the majority of their list. Also, it makes it less likely that any one unit spends the whole game not getting a chance to go through the queue. In 2.0 players do not reset their hand in between the activation of the hero in the active slot and the minion unit in the minion slot. So some situations will require more careful hand management to make sure you have the resources you need to play abilities. John’s opponent doesn’t reset his hand in between activating Sophia Drake and the Black Dragons. This reclassification of all units into Heroes and Minions is one of the big changes in the 2nd Edition of the game. Minions also no longer have melee ranged or psychic abilities so getting the right resources in your hand to play minions abilities during their activation can require careful and management.
  • 8:00 Focusing no longer takes your entire turn. It now costs just your action. It still allows you to put a held esper on a hero unit but now you draw three cards rather than the five that you used to. Since it no longer costs all of your movement it needed to be toned down a little bit on the card draw front. It has become easier to use overall though.
How would you plan around this tactic?