Soda Pop’s Relic Knights Nears Completion

August 30, 2012 by dracs

With only 10 days left to go on the Kickstarter campaign for Relic Knights I dedcided it was about time to take a look at some of minis this community funded project will be bringing us.

There are six factions in the world of Relic Knights. First up we have the terrifying Noh Empire.

Soda Pop - Noh Empire Relic Knight

Soda Pop - Noh Empire

Possessors of ancient and mystic technology the Noh Empire strike without warning, looting and pillaging in the name of their Dark god.

These guys are of course based around creatures and art from Asiatic folklore and the sculpts seem to blend this aesthetic well with the overall anime style of the game.

After these guys are the mercenary forces of Black Diamond.

Soda Pop - Black Diamond

A conglomerate of mercenary forces, Black Diamond will work for just about anyone… for a price.

The general look of Black Diamond seems to be of a harsher, more militaristic look in comparison with the other factions. Their walker has lots of exposed bits and pieces showing joints etc. which serves to give it an appearance which almost verges on steampunk.

In direct contrast to Black Diamond is the style of the Shattered Sword Paladins.

Soda Pop - Shattered Sword Paladin

Soda Pop - Shattered Sword Paladin 2

With their medieval / sci-fi style armour these guys look every inch the defenders of peace and civilization.

Next up are the Doctrine faction.

Soda Pop - Doctrine Relic Knight

Soda Pop - Doctrine

The Doctrine are the “magic” users of Relic Knights, blasting away at their opponent with Espers. Swinging staffs and riding an interesting mix of arcane and sci-fi creations and the sculpts seem to convey this mixing of sci-fi rather well.

But maybe your looking for a little faster. Then why not the Cerci Speed Circuit.

Soda Pop - Relic Knight 1

Soda Pop - Cerci Jet Bikes

These ladies are speed freaks, pure and simple. They live for speed, excitement and pleasure. I love the style of these vehicles, especially the jet bikes. Though I have never watched anyone riding any vehicle in such provocative positions.

Finally we have the Star Nebula Corsairs.

Soda Pop - Star Nebula Corsairs Relic Knight

These guys are pirates and quite possibly the most cartoony of all the minis here. They look like One Piece suddenly went to space.

All in all these minis are truly impressive, especially the walker miniatures. It is no wonder that this Kickstarter has raised quite possibly the most funds I have come across in a miniature kickstarter campaign ($326,880at time of writing).

These sculpts are definitely enough to garner a lot of support.

Soda Pop - Concept Art

OK, those might have something to do with it too.

Will any of you be trying out Relic Knights? If you want to pledge your support head over to the Kickstarter page now.