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TTCombat Start Building A Relics Tower


TTCombat builds themselves a mighty tower for you to drop into your games of Relics. Take a look at this early piece…

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies


TTCombat Takes On The Relics World From Tor Gaming


TTCombat is fast becoming the saviours of a lot of games at the moment as they announced they were now the new owners of the world of Relics, created by Tor Gaming.

Ridend Dragons & The Creepy Vesparther Coming To Relics Soon


Tor Gaming is adding some big creatures to their collection for Relics. The Ridend are getting themselves the Dragon’s Breath soon, with the model available to pre-order.

New Britanan & Nuem Rules & Models Pop Up For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming has moved two new models and their profiles into the realm of the Public Beta for you to check out in Relics. Here we have the new models, the Nuem Insanis and the Britanan Bagpiper.

Thamos Sends His Tentacles Writhing Into The World Of Relics


Tor Gaming has more eerie additions to the world of Relics writhing their way onto the tabletop soon. Reaching out to ensnare you they have designed up the Barbs and Thorns of Thamos.

Relic’s C’thu Prime & Hunters Pre-Orders Up From Tor Gaming


The pre-orders for Tor Gaming’s C’thu Prime and C’thunian Hunters is still up for the world of Relics. If you’re looking for a dangerous beast and some creepy hunters to add into the mix take a closer look!

Tor Gaming Open Up Pre-Orders For The C’thu In Relics!


Tor Gaming has now begun to add the C’thu to their webstore allowing you to bring them into the world of Relics. The Starter Set sets the stage for their invasion!

Tor Gaming Tinker With The Latest Relics 2.0 Rules Download


Tor Gaming have put together another update for their 2nd Edition Relics rules.

Tor Gaming Reveal Relics’ False King Of The Goblins


Tor Gaming have now revealed the full miniature that will become the False King Of The Goblins in Relics!