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Ladies Of The Court & Machines Coming To Relics

30 days ago 3

Tor Gaming have previewed some more of the models coming to their Relics tabletop game soon. One of these is an additional model for the Ridend, the Lady Of The Court and the other is the Auxilium Equites which is a very strange contraption indeed.

Three New Ridend Models Pop Up For Tor Gaming’s Relics

68 days ago 6

Tor Gaming have shown off a few new packs which will be available for the Ridend faction in Relics. Not only are they getting a new version of the Baron but a Retinue set AND the superb Dragon Tower…

The Ridend Of Tor Gaming’s Relics Now Available For Pre-Order

129 days ago 13

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the release of the Ridend for Tor Gaming’s Relics then your wait is nearly over. The faction is now up for pre-order so head on in and check out the Archers, Foot Knights, Kapolop Knights and the Starter Set…

The Ridend Begin To Ride Out For Tor Gaming’s Relics

132 days ago 3

Tor Gaming have shown off some of the finished metal models for the new Ridend Faction that is coming for Relics. See what you think of these valiant knights below…

New Starter Sets On The Way For Tor Gaming’s Relics Next Week

160 days ago 6

See what the new look Starter Sets are going to be for Relics by Tor Gaming as they start launching next week on their webstore.

The Ridend Kapolop Knights Ride Into Tor Gaming’s Relics

161 days ago 8

Ride out with an array of cute (and deadly) looking knights from the Ridend faction in Tor Gaming’s Relics.

Weekender XLBS: X-Wing Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!

Weekender XLBS: Star Wars: Armada Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!

173 days ago 104

Happy Sunday! As most of you
know Salute 2015 is just
around the corner and
that means we’re also
organising something
for you Backstagers!

Make Way For A Baron of Relics’ Ridend By Tor Gaming

179 days ago 10

The latest renders for Relics’ new faction the Ridend have brought to us the leaders of this honourable medieval race. Leading from the front you can now find the Barons of Ridend.

Tor Gaming Preview Their Feudal Ridend In New Renders

187 days ago 23

Tor Gaming are working on a new faction of goblinoid miniatures named the Ridend who are getting ready to go medieval on the enemy’s backside.

The Heavy Dragoons Reinforce Relics’ Britanans

275 days ago 4

The latest of the Relics January releases has been unveiled; Heavy Dragoons, the armoured elites of the Britanan puppet army.

You Cannot Run from Relics Rapid Reinforcements

276 days ago 8

Last month we saw a collection of silhouettes of some upcoming releases for Tor Gaming’s rapidly growing fantasy game Relics. Now those silhouettes are beginning to be revealed, starting with new additions for the Nuem and Vaettir.

Tor Gaming Tantalise Us With Teasers for Relics

285 days ago 8

Tor Gaming have been celebrating these Christmas holidays with some intriguing new teasers for upcoming Relics releases.

The Nuem Ruina Stomps It’s Way Into Tor Gaming’s Relics

375 days ago 3

Tor Gaming unleash something deadly and brutal into the world of Relics with the hulking Nuem Ruina!

Orcnar Dmoder & Scribbling Scribes For Relics!

382 days ago 5

See what’s coming for both the Orcnar and the Mercenaries in the world of Relics by Tor Gaming.

Ride Out With Ridend Battle Dragons Of Tor Gaming’s Relics!

389 days ago 2

Tor Gaming show off some mighty battle dragons for the world of Relics and their new Ridend faction. I can’t wait to see these turn into miniatures!