The C’Thu Are Coming To Tor Gaming’s Relics Soon

November 23, 2015 by brennon

Tor Gaming have shared some teaser artwork of the new C’thu models that are going to be coming to Relics soon to terrify the rest of the warbands. See what you make of the snippets we’ve seen so far…

C'thu Logo

So far we have a look at the logo (which you can see above) and also two of the regular units from the faction, the Hunters and the Warriors. Both of them have a very (you guessed it) Cthulhu theme to them.

C'thunian Hunters

C'thunian Warriors

I think everyone needs to welcome this dark god into their life and how better than with these warriors supporting the creepy one. The sculpting from Tor Gaming has been greatly improved with the coming of the Ridend and the new models we’ve seen for the Britanas too.

With that in mind I think we’re in for a massive treat when it comes to these C’thunians and we can’t wait to see how the Kickstarter unfolds. You can find out more about their eerie backstory over on the Tor Gaming website.

Will you be backing this?

"...with that in mind I think we're in for a massive treat when it comes to these C'thunians"