The Heavy Dragoons Reinforce Relics’ Britanans

January 7, 2015 by dracs

The latest of the Relics January releases has been unveiled; Heavy Dragoons, the armoured elites of the Britanan puppet army.

Heavy Dragoons

The Heavy Dragoons are the pride of King Jorjes forces. Kitted out with heavy plate armour, the Heavy Dragoons are able to shrug off the worst injuries that would leave their compatriots a mess of stitches and stuffing. They bring some much needed hitting power to the Britanans, forming into armoured columns to greatly increase their strength and defences.

Heavy Dragoons Front

Heavy Dragoons Back

The Britanans, to my mind, are the most iconic faction of Relics and these Heavy Dragoons match well with the character of the faction. They are the most animated of all the puppet warriors I have seen, especially with their facial expressions.

Are you a Britanan player? Will these Heavy Dragoons feature in your strategies?

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