Tor Gaming Show Off The Full C’thu Starter Set For Relics

December 23, 2015 by brennon

Tor Gaming have now shared the full Starter Set details for the C’thu who are coming to Relics next year via a Kickstarter project. You can see the renders showing off the full cadre of creepiness that will be threatening your sanity and your mortal soul…

C'thu Starter Set

Inside you get a whole host of interesting C’thu Warriors with three variant sculpts. Maybe you could do a bit of tweaking with the positioning of limbs to make them all look different once you get them onto the hobby table? You also have the strange winged creature and a big floating tentacled head too.

Could this become your faction of choice for use in Relics next year?

"Inside you get a whole host of interesting C'thu Warriors with three variant sculpts..."

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