Tor Gaming’s Relics World Expands with New Greens

July 11, 2012 by brennon

Tor Gaming have been at the workbench working on some more interesting and odd additions to the Relics line. Check out the three new sets of greens for the Orcnar, Vaettir and Britanan forces…

Orcnar Angilde

Orcnar Angilde Greens

Vaettir Cwalu

Vaettir Cwalu Greens

Britanan Highlander

Britanan Highlander Greens

Once you expand these images you’ll find some rather awesome looking new miniatures. My favourite has to be the new Britanan Highlanders, some great character and weirdness in those sculpts. Plus, a puppet holding a claymore is always cool.

Which of these factions new greens are for you?