Ridgeback Miniatures Sculpt Up Their Own Hog Riding Dwarf King

June 19, 2015 by brennon

Over on the Great British Hobbit League Facebook Group one of the main presenters of the show, Jamie Giblin, bought this rather awesome take a familiar Dwarf King from The Hobbit to my attention by Ridgeback Miniatures. He’s based on a certain movie that came out…

What Better Mount For A Dwarf King!

You can see the sculpt for the model below with the legs missing on the one side to make it easier to cast. Also the final model has the hammer separate too. It’s quite a cool miniature which is fairly accomplished for an individual project. They’ve captured the look nicely and I don’t think it’s a million miles away from something Games Workshop would do…

King Dain Ironfoot On Boar #1

King Dain Ironfoot On Boar #2

Of course with something as cool as this it needed to see the light of day and so you can see him in metal below.

Metal Dwarf King On Hog!

Here he is in all of his metal glory with the various components lain aside too. Games Workshop seem to have left The Hobbit to die so it’s great to see community members who love the hobby picking up the slack.

King Dain (Metal #1)

King Dain (Metal Components)

King Dain (Metal #2)

Of course I’m sure you all know exactly who this is meant to be and it’s going to be fun seeing if Ridgeback paint him up and if they begin to sell him too. Apparently the company/sculptor is a German enterprise so it might be something for the Continent but might not go much further than that.

What do you think?

"They've captured the look nicely and I don't think it's a million miles away from something Games Workshop would do..."