Rise of the Kage Approaches its Final Days for Pre-Order

January 5, 2015 by dracs

Rise of the Kage, the upcoming board game based in the Asian fantasy world of Bushido, is entering its final ten days of pre-order availability through the backer kit and to mark this GCT Studios have shown off some new art.

Rise of the Kage Dock Art

This fantastic and atmospheric piece of game art shows the Rise of the Kage dockside expansion, as a group of shadowed assassins converge upon one probably not-so-defenceless dock worker. It’s a very evocative piece that gives a good feel for what the game is going for.

Rise of the Kage is an interesting board game, bringing with it both a new way to experience the rich background of Bushido and an interesting stealth based game. It’s time on Kickstarter was very successful and it has been met with similar success during it’s post-campaign stage. While this may be the last chance to pre-order the game and get in on some of the backer extras, it will still be very exciting to see it released.

Do you like the idea of playing ninjas vs guards in Rise of the Kage?