Rise of the Kage’s Board Gets Revealed

July 29, 2014 by dracs

There has been a lot of exciting concept art for Rise of the Kage, showing off the minis which will be appearing for both sides of the game, but now we get to see something really interesting; the board where this epic game of assassination will be played.

Rise of the Kage Board

As you can see, the board is a highly detailed play area, separated into square segments. There are well lit areas, where I assume the ninjas don’t want to be found, as well as shadowy corners and areas where the footing could become treacherously noisy.

Rise of the Kage Board Close Up

Rise of the Kage Board Close Up

Rise of the Kage Board Close Up

All of this promises an interesting level of interaction with the play area, as players will have to carefully plan their movements around the environment. GCT Studios say that replay value will come more from the deployment choices of each player at the start of the game, which means there should be some interesting tactical options being played out.

Are you going to chip in to the new Bushido board game?