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New Temple Dogs Guard The Way Of Rising Sun

13 days ago 6

A new monster has stepped out of Japanese folklore for Cool Mini Or Not’s upcoming game Rising Sun; the fearsome shrine guardian Temple Dogs.

Rising Sun Beasts & Monsters Show Up From CMON

21 days ago 14

The world of Rising Sun is coming to the tabletop later this year with a Kickstarter launching in March. The previews from CMON really have hotted up for the models involved with the project and the recently showed off lots of monsters…

CMON Announce Start Date For Rising Sun Kickstarter

23 days ago 8

Folks have had incredible patience and it’s about to pay off as CMON announce the start date for Eric Lang’s massive new board game project, Rising Sun. Keep your wallets stuffed for March 7th at 3pm EST.

Bushi Miniatures Come To Life For Rising Sun Board Game

39 days ago 3

Rising Sun, a big new board game from Eric Lang, is on the way to Kickstarter this year from CoolMiniOrNot and they are now showing off some of the miniatures from the game.

More Amazing Artwork For Rising Sun Comes To Life

129 days ago 2

We’ve seen some more amazing artwork for Eric Lang’s next board game, Rising Sun, over the past few days detailing another of the new factions, the Turtle Clan.

The Terrifying Yurei Rises To Haunt The Rising Sun

139 days ago 15

The art for a frightening Yurei, the vengeful spirits of Japanese folklore, has appeared for Rising Sun.

Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang

Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang

169 days ago 380

TTCombat talk Carnevale, we give away a MASSIVE terrain bundle prize and get stuck into the news from a week in tabletop gaming…

Wonderful Rising Sun Board Game Artwork Pops Up On Social Media

172 days ago 4

Drawing on the skills of Adrian Smith once again Eric Lang’s next big board game project, Rising Sun, is looking amazing.

Eric Lang & Adrian Smith Team Up For Rising Sun Board Game

201 days ago 8

Board game maestro Eric Lang and artist Adrian Smith have teamed up once again for the spiritual successor to Blood Rage called Rising Sun, a game set amidst the mysticism of Ancient Japan.