Golem Paints Up Guardian 1984 For River Horse’s Terminator

July 3, 2015 by brennon

River Horse asked Golem Painting Studios to paint up their Guardian 1984 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and he’s looking rather spiffing indeed. This also heralds a few more miniature sets coming out for their Terminator Genisys game so watch this space…

Guardian (Front)

Guardian (Side)

Guardian (Rear)

I think they’ve done a superb job as always. Golem are a great painting studio that has a very high standard. I think they do some amazing work on additional detailing and highlighting especially. They have also captured Arnold’s face rather spectacularly there which is great.

I’m now looking forward to the assault on the police station from Terminator. Let’s hope that happens!

Will you be getting more models for Terminator Genisys?

"They have also captured Arnold's face rather spectacularly there which is great..."