Sarah Connor Pulls An Heroic Movie Pose For Terminator Genisys

May 29, 2015 by brennon

River Horse have shown off another of the character models for the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game that will be out soon! See what you think of Sarah Connor portrayed by Emilia Clarke in the film…

“I’ll Make Pancakes…”

The model is looking great and is sculpted up by Michael Perry once again. I think they’ve captured the movie poster feel of her character although I do hope we see a more action packed pose for her too…

Sarah Connor (Model)

It’s pretty awesome seeing more miniatures come out for this game beyond what’s just in the main boxed set and that hopefully means we’ll have more scope further down the line for extra scenarios.

More To Come!

As well as Sarah Connor herself turning up Warlord Games showed off some of the additional boxed sets that will be out including one for the Terminator Endoskeletons, the Resistance Soldiers and a pack of Dice for the game.

Endo Box

Resistance Box

Dice Box

Having had a closer look at the models when we ran the Boot Camp last week with Alessio I can see this range growing on me. If nothing else the actual soldiers themselves are very cool looking and come with a range of neat weapons and such making them perfect for other games too.

What do you think of Sarah Connor?

"It's pretty awesome seeing more miniatures come out for this game beyond what's just in the main boxed set..."