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Diving into Rivet Wars with the Ruska Diver

791 days ago 2

Silent and deadly, sneaking from the dark waters below, watch out for the Ruska Diver for Rivet Wars from Super Robot Punch LLC and Cool Mini or Not.

The Rivet Wars’ Polska Lancer Rushes To The Front

822 days ago 3

The Ruska forces of the chibi battles of Rivet Wars have a new weapon to take with them to the front, the speedy Polska Lancer.

Ruska and Ottoman Forces Ride into Rivet Wars

826 days ago 2

The chibi warfare of Rivet Wars is getting ready for a couple of new combatants as test prints for the Ruskas and Ottomans make an appearance.

Rivet Wars’ Allies Receive a New Fantastical Contraption

1267 days ago 3

One of the best things about weird world war games is the wonderful weapons of war which spring from it. Add to that the awesome chibbi design of Rivet Wars and you get something like the Allies’ new Polsten Quad Gun.