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RN eStudio Draw Swords With Their Robotsams Release


A set of awesome looking releases has dropped from RN eStudio this week. Here are the brilliant looking Robotsams…

RN EStudio Embrace 90′s Cartoons With New Shark


RN EStudio has added a new miniature, Shark, to their collection.

Check Out The New RN eStudio Myth Explorers Range


A selection of new heroes has been added to the RN eStudio webstore as they venture off on heroic Fantasy adventures with their Myth Explorers range.

RN EStudio Show Off Anime Adventurers Coming Soon


Featured over on their Facebook Page, RN EStudio has been showing off their anime heroines who will be coming out soon.

Check Out RN eStudio’s Reaper Fantasy Football Team


RN eStudio is on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their Reapers Fantasy Football team, a right bunch of Chaos hooligans!

Descend Into Hell With RN EStudio’s Hades


RN EStudio is descending into Hell with their version of Hades which is available on their webstore. However (at the time of writing) there are only a few copies of the model left!

RN EStudio Bring Crazy Mel To Life For Bad Roll’s Punkapocalyptic


RN EStudio have created another character for the wasteland of the future that is prophesied in Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic. Here we have the dangerous looking Crazy Mel who appears to be begging for a good fight to get started.

RN Estudio Shows Off Their Brilliant Anubis


Maybe now is the time to take your gaming to the pyramids with the newest mini from RN Estudio, Anubis! Whether you plan to use him to game or paint up as a display piece, this mini will look fantastic in your collection.

Embrace The Dark Side Of Christmas With RN EStudio’s Krampus


While Christmas may be over there is still some of the Christmas spirit remaining. With that in mind go over to RN EStudio’s and have a look at their version of Krampus which could be the perfect way to round off the year.

Meet The From Wasteland Survivors By RN EStudios


If you’re interested in picking up a varied mix of characters for use on the tabletop in your post-apocalyptic games then see what you make of these From Wasteland miniatures by RN EStudios. Which of them would you trust to be your buddy in the barrens?

The Flamekeeper Steps Up To Chant In Punkapocalyptic


The final model from the RN Estudios collaboration with Bad Roll Games for Punkapocalyptic is the Flamekeeper of the Black Blood Children. This big bad is going to set the bad lands on fire with his fury unless gangs can stop him…

Punkapocalyptic’s Junkers Put Crowbars To Good Use


Another of the new reinforcements for Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic has made herself known. This Junker, made in cooperation with RN EStudios looks like she isn’t afraid of heading off into the contaminated wasteland in search of some food salvage…

A Wild Beast Runs Rampant In Punkapocalyptic


Punkapocalyptic’s Bad Roll Games are continuing their partnership with RN EStudios to bring out a range of wasteland survivors and monsters. This week the focus is on monsters with the coming of the Mongrelmorph!

Bad Roll Teams Up With RN EStudios For Punkapocalyptic Wastelanders


Bad Roll Games have teamed up with RN EStudios to bring a series of additional wasteland survivors to their game, Punkapocalyptic. So far they have previewed two renders and they’re looking rather bad ass already…

RN EStudios Releases Two New 54mm Heroines


RN EStudios have two new 54mm models on sale that look to be in very short supply! If you like the look of either Shada or Inna then you’ll have to be quick as there are less than ten left of each…