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Palladium Books Post Terrible News Regarding Carmen Bellaire

183 days ago Comments Off

We have learned some very sad news regarding Carmen Bellaire.

No Change In Scale For Robotech Tactics

785 days ago 10

Palladium Books made an announcement regarding the scale of their game Robotech RPG Tactics.

MicroClad Metropolis – New 6mm City Terrain From Fantasy Arc

792 days ago 2

If your table is in need of some new 6mm terrain to set the scene, then Fantasy Arc may have just what you need! Their MircoClad Metropolis is a full line of city must haves to bring your urban games to life.

Weekender XLBS: Talking Robotech & Getting Started With Painting!

Weekender XLBS: Talking Robotech & Getting Started With Painting!

808 days ago 177

Happy Sunday! Welcome to
another episode of The
Weekender XLBS where we
talk all things hobby related
this weekend and delve
into what we have planned
for Hobby Lab and more…

Unboxing: Robotech RPG Tactics UEDF Spartan/Phalanx Destroids

813 days ago 55

We’ve previously shown some of the Zentraedi forces you can add to your Robotech RPG Tactics game and now we have some UEDF Destroids to unbox for you.The big Phalanx artillery unit and the Spartan defense mech are next up!

Unboxing: Robotech RPG Tactics Zentraedi Battlepods

847 days ago 17

We have more Robotech RPG Tactics to unbox as Carmen, who worked on the game, joins Justin to look at two variants of the Zentraedi forces Battlepods. The Regult and Artillery.

Unboxing: Robotech RPG Tactics Box Set

882 days ago 49

The UEDF/Zentraedi war reaches the Beasts of War studio as the Robotech RPG Tactics Box Set gets unboxed. Not only that we’ve got Carmen who worked on the game in with us to assist with the unboxing.

Robotech RPG Tactics Update from Palladium Books

1136 days ago 18

Palladium Books has announced an update about their game Robotech RPG Tactics, that has caught the attention of their Kickstarter backers.

Ninja Division Challenge You to Design Your Own Robotech Ace

1561 days ago 1

To say the Kickstarter for Robotech RPG Tactics has been a success is an understatement. With only five days left it has surpassed its goal by well over $700,000! Now to celebrate it Ninja Division have set a challenge for you: design your own Ace Fighter!