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Bad Squiddo Games Fight With Boudicca & New Paladin

2 days ago 3

Bad Squiddo Games have shown off two miniature for their Female Miniatures collection. The first of these is Warrior Boudicca sculpted by John Morris. The second is a Paladin sculpted by Mark Evans and will be an upcoming miniature…

Gale Force Nine’s Dracolith Is Reborn For Dungeons & Dragons

3 days ago 5

At Gen Con this year there will be some awesome new Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series miniatures from Gale Force Nine. Both of these sets are focused on the Neverwinter MMORPG with both the Dracolich and Heroes of Neverwinter that you’ll be familiar with from the cinematics…

Go Raiding & Scouting With New 35mm Scale75 Heroes

5 days ago 2

Scale75 have added two new models to their 35mm scale Wargames Fantasy Series. The new models are Thenidiel, an Elven Ranger and oddly enough a Historical model in the form of Ragnar The Viking…

Gale Force Nine Heat Things Up In D&D With New Fiery Elementals

6 days ago 3

Gale Force Nine have turned to the element of fire with their latest miniatures for the Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series. The latest include Vanifer & Fire Priest alongside one of their summoned minions, the Fire Myrmidon…

Check Out Vin Diesel’s Awesome D&D Cake!

7 days ago 7

By now you probably know that Vin Diesel has quite the love for Dungeons & Dragons, famously revealing that he played a Half-Orc Barbarian for a long time. Well it seems like his friends and family know he is still into that with this epic D&D birthday cake…

Your Most Epic Roar May Make The Syrinscape Soundtrack At Gen Con!

12 days ago 0

Want to have a shot at Gen Con immortalization? Visit the Syrinscape Booth at the con to have a go at your best monster noises and you may find yourself on the official Gen Con Syrinscape soundtrack! Be epic enough and you might be Gen Con Dragon material!

John Carter Gets New Lease On Life With RPG From Modiphius

12 days ago 5

Modiphious Entertainment is breathing new life into John Carter with another role-playing game for their collection. Find out more within…

Wizards of the Coast Releases 1st Edition AD&D Players Handbook In PDF

20 days ago 6

Wizards of the Coast have released 1st edition AD&D Players Handbook as a PDF. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

Wyrd’s Penny Dreadful One Shots Offer A Pick Up & Play Option For RPG

26 days ago 1

If you were ever looking for a quick way to hop into an RPG, Wyrd Games has just released a perfect opportunity! Their Through The Breach: Penny Dreadful One Shots will allow single session adventures that make for a quick and focused game, and often with pre-generated characters!

Watch More Role-Playing With Critical Role Adventures

32 days ago 5

If you want to watch some more awesome role-playing but set in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition universe then see what you think of another Geek & Sundry show called Critical Role which is now on the more friendly Youtube platform.

The Geek & Sundry Titansgrave Adventure Goes To The Market

33 days ago 3

If you’re looking for more of a role-playing fix then check out the latest episode of Titansgrave where the adventurers end up at the Market of Nestora looking for a particular Antiquarian and finding themselves in some hot water too…

Otherworld Sculpt A Wyvern As Next Dungeon Dwelling Denizen

34 days ago 2

Otherworld Miniatures have found another monster in their dungeon and this time it’s a Wyvern sculpted by Andrew May. See what you think of it…

Check Out The Assembly Line Tarot For Wyrd’s Into The Steam

35 days ago 0

Wyrd Games have shown off another preview of what’s happening with Into The Steam which is the expansion to Through The Breach. See what you think of the preview of the Assembly Line Tarot…

New Creatures & Cults From Gale Force Nine For D&D

39 days ago 1

Gale Force Nine have showed off some more of the models coming out for their Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series including Dragon Cultists and some more for the Elemental Evil campaign including an Earth Myrmidon and Marlos Urnryale & Priest…

Help Make The Bards Tale IV A Reality On Kickstarter

43 days ago 2

InXile Entertainment is on Kickstarter looking to get fans to help them bring the next chapter to the classic game the Bards Tale to life.