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R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars: Allheart New On Kickstarter

2 days ago 1

R.A. Salvatore famed author of many novels especially for Dungeons and Dragons, is back on Kickstarter for his RPG.

Monsters, Blademasters & Wizards For The D&D Collectors Series!

9 days ago 2

Gale Force Nine’s D&D Collectors series grows with two more amazing additions. Monsters, Blademasters and Wizards become part of the ongoing collection.

D&D Reveals Elemental Evil Storyline On The Horizon

10 days ago 5

Elemental Evil is coming! Dungeons & Dragons has announced the new storyline will be entering the world gaming this March and it’s theme will be found throughout the different avenues of gaming.

Breachside Map Previewed For the World of Malifaux

11 days ago 3

Wryd announced today that they will captivate their fans’ attention every week from now on with a preview of something new from Wryd. They started with indicating that the next book for Through the Breach, Into the Steam, will have a Breachside map to show the things that lie outside the city of Malifaux.

Through the Breach Releases from Wyrd

16 days ago 4

Wyrd Miniatures gives us a look into the future of Through the Breach and Malifaux, with these upcoming releases.

Pre-order Dust Adventures RPG Now!

20 days ago 3

Modiphius Entertainment has let it be known if you pre-order the soon to be released DUST Adventures RPG by January 31st you will a pdf copy of the first campaign book OPERATION: APOCALYPSE for free.

Beginner Friendly RPG For Aspiring Jedi From Fantasy Flight

20 days ago 10

Fantasy Flight Games has a new Star Wars RPG heading our way that is designed to assist new players into role playing games. Force And Destiny: Beginners Game, has shorted rules and pre-generated characters ready to go to help the novice Jedi out of the box and into a game.

Wizards Sit Down For Another D&D Rise Of Tiamat Live Game

21 days ago 5

Check out another rather awesome session from the folks at Wizards of the Coast where they sat down to play through the Rise of Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons.

Explore All the Levels of the Mage’s Tower in New Map

35 days ago 0

Let your imagination take your RPG to new heights in the new, multi-level map set from Heroic Maps, The Mage’s Tower! Each floor fits on top of one another to help players explore the many levels in the tower.

Green Ronin Compile The Dragon Age RPG Rules Into One!

40 days ago 1

See what the cover to the new Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook looks like and get your wallets ready Inquisition fans!

Check Out Iron Kingdoms Unleashed’s Map Tiles!

42 days ago 0

Check out more from the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit with a look at some of the tiles and tokens you can use to make interesting maps on the tabletop.

Get Your Message Across With Exofont: Fantasy Gyphs

46 days ago 3

Exofont: Fantasy Gyphs is a Kickstarter from Voidspiral that will allow gamers to express their creativity using a variety of alternative scripts. This project can be used in both the personal and professional arenas to give a unique touch games.

Take A Look At The Bad Guys For Iron Kingdoms Unleashed!

47 days ago 1

See what you think of another preview for the Iron Kingdoms RPG Adventure Kit where the world of Hordes gets unleashed on the tabletop!

Combine Shotguns & Sorcery in a Fantasy Noir RPG

47 days ago 0

The literary, fantasy noir world of Matt Forbeck’s Dragon City is coming to gaming in a Kickstarter by Outland Entertainment, Shotguns & Sorcery! Zombies, dwarfs, goblins, magic and flying carpets all come together in this RPG!

Dark Art Studios Set The Mood With Dungeon Sounds!

49 days ago 6

See what Dark Art Studios have in store for you when you go dungeon delving as they show off their ambient music collection that will give some neat atmosphere to your adventures.