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AltspaceVR Allows You To Play D&D Virtually

7 days ago 3

AltspaceVR have put together a new program which allows you to play Dungeons & Dragons virtually with anyone in the world simply by logging into your own little tavern. You can see how it works above in their tutorial video within…

The Latest Wyrd Penny Dreadful Is Available For Through The Breach

7 days ago 0

Something Dreadful has been happening in the orphanage. Drop into the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Bad Blood, for Wyrd’s Through the Breach and see if you can discover secret behind the disappearance of the children.

Get Into The Headspace Of The Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter

8 days ago 2

The Mindjammer RPG is back on Kickstarter looking for funding for a new sourcebook to be presented as both a PDF and in print next year.

New 15mm Warbands, Monsters & Heroes Out From Splintered Light

9 days ago 3

Splintered Light Miniatures have added a whole range of new models to their 15mm range. Full warbands, groups of heroes and even some terrifying Ogres are all now available and we’ve broken them down into their groups…

Upgrade Your Gaming Loot With Pirate Coins On Kickstarter

10 days ago 3

Any good pirate knows they will command more respect according to the treasure they acquire. Infinity Plus One’s latest Kickstarter, Pirate Coins: Tabletop Gaming Upgrade offers fantastic pirate coins to use in your pirate gaming endeavors.

The Elementals Strike Throughout The Dungeons Of Otherworld

12 days ago 2

Each of the four Elementals have now been released by Otherworld so they can begin to populate your dungeons and threaten the lives of hapless heroes who are not prepared for them! You can get them as a set of four…

Take Pot Shots With Spellcrows’ New Elf Hero With Bow

13 days ago 3

Spellcrow have been sneaky and got an additional hero onto their webstore this week. The Elf With Bow is generic enough that he would be able to fit into a range of different armies…

Adventure In Achtung! Cthulhu & DUST With New Books By Modiphius

14 days ago 1

Some great new role-playing adventures lay ahead of you with Modiphius releasing the new sourcebook for Achtung! Cthulhu known as Shadows Of Atlantis and the DUST Adventures RPG Core Book. There’s plenty to get stuck into…

Osprey Publishing Brings Out The Dwarf Fighter In Us All

14 days ago 13

Osprey Publishing is always coming out with interesting titles, and this upcoming release is no different. If you are fan of Dwarves, then this book is for you.

Havan The Warrior & Volac The Mage Sculpted Up By Mountain Of Metal

18 days ago 7

Like two characters from a dark Fantasy novel both Havan Half-Seen the Warrior/Rogue and Volac the Mage have been sculpted up for 28mm scale by Mountain Of Metal. This pair would either be mortal enemies of best friends during an adventure I reckon…

Otherworld Chase Heroes With Upcoming Gnoll Archers

18 days ago 5

Sometimes your heroes are the prey in a role-playing game and these Gnoll Archers from Otherworld Miniatures that are coming soon might be the ones to track them down. These come with news that they are also working on a Gnoll Shaman for their own skirmish game…

Wizards Offers The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide For D&D

20 days ago 8

Wizards of the Coast and Green Ronin Publishing are created the next volume of impressive work for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.

Eden’s Stygmata Campaign Unlocks Miniatures For RPG

29 days ago 2

The Eden team have unlocked the resin miniatures for their Stygmata Kickstarter campaign which forms the beginning of the role-playing tales present within this post-apocalyptic world…

Unlock The Secrets Of Stygmata For The World Of Eden On Kickstarter

29 days ago 1

The folks behind the post-apocalyptic world of Eden at Happy Game Factory are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their new project, Stygmata. They are focusing on getting the starter set for their role-playing game set in this ruined world…

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland

31 days ago 10

Dawn has had a chance to get inside the
mind of Wyrd game designer, Aaron Darland,
to discuss all things Wyrd. Follow along
and learn about the world of Malifaux from
one of Wyrd’s finest.