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Modiphius Add Elite Dangerous RPG To Their Webstore With Ace Bundles


The Elite Dangerous RPG brought to life successfully on Kickstarter is ready to head out into space.

Wyrd Shows Off The Witchling Handler


Wyrd Games makes it awfully difficult to resist taking the plunge into their Malifaux based RPG, Through the Breach. This week, they tip their hand and tell us all about the Witchling Handler.

Genesys Role-Playing Game Now Available From FFG


The Genesys Role-Playing Game Rulebook is now available for you to pick up from Fantasy Flight Games as you start building new words to adventure in, be they Fantasy worlds or far off planets in a Sci-Fi space opera.

Reaper Miniatures Show Off Final Anniversary Hero For 2017


The final miniature in the Anniversary Hero collection from Reaper Miniatures for 2017 has been announced as Ametrine Earthlyte.

New Covers & Details On Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition Surface


Designed by Ralph Horsley, the newest covers for the 4th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play have popped up online from Cubicle 7 as well as some additional information on the release too!

WizKids’ Wardlings Young Adventurers Released Soon


If you’ve got young ones interested in Dungeons & Dragons or other Fantasy role-playing games then you won’t have long to wait until the Wardlings range is available from WizKids.

Wyrd’s Propagandist Shouts About Through The Breach


They say words are a dangerous tool, and no one knows this better than the latest Through the Breach Social Pursuit Wyrd have previewed, the Propagandist.

FFG Talk Tone In Their New Role-Playing System, Genesys


Building on their previews for Fantasy Flight Games’ Genesys Role-Playing Game the team took some time to look at how Tone works in the game, with a focus on it overall and indeed how it works mechanically.

Bronze Age Show Off Flash Gordon Models For Kickstarter RPG


Bronze Age Miniatures has shown off the range of awesome Flash Gordon Miniatures that were sculpted up for the Savage Worlds role-playing game of the same name.

Onyx Path Give Exalted The Arms Of The Chosen


Far off in the distant past, legendary heroes forged weapons and armour of god-like power. Now Onyx Path are handing you those weapons with Arms of the Chosen, a new supplement for Exalted.

Malisaurus Rex Looms In Wyrd’s Latest Penny Dreadful One Shot


The latest Penny Dreadful One Shot for Wyrd Games’ Through the Breach RPG takes us into the Wildlands, in Jurassic Faux. The seems the elusive Malisaurus Rex is hungry…

Grab New Modiphius Conan Accessories For Your Role-Playing Games


Modiphius has added some new accessories to their webstore for you to snap up when playing your Conan role-playing adventures.

Developing Your Settings In FFG’s Genesys Role-Playing Game


Exploring the way in which you build your settings is the key focus of Fantasy Flight Games’ newest article on Genesys.

Return To A World Of Classic Fantasy As The Last Unicorn Becomes An RPG


Playground Adventures have made the exciting announcement that they are working on a new RPG set in the world of the classic fantasy movie The Last Unicorn.

Burning Games’ Dragons Are Conquering America


Burning Games are currently on Kickstarter looking to fund their new adventure role-playing series, Dragons Conquer America…

Oaths Of Riddermark Available For PDF & Preorder From Cubicle 7


There’s never been a better time to step into the wonderful RPG focused on The Lord of the Rings, from Cubicle 7. The latest beautiful book, Oaths of Riddermark, is available for preorder as well as PDF right now!

Sometimes Even The Guild Allow Magic In Through The Breach


If you’re a fan of the Guild in Through the Breach, but have always been a bit jealous of the magic available in the other factions, then get ready to be excited.

Meet Scanlan & Grog In Vox Machina Origins Issue #2


For those Critters in our community, Dark Horse Digital have now released Issue Two of Critical Role’s Vox Machina Origins.

Modiphius Transport To The Deck Of A Star Trek Ship With New Tiles


If you’re a big fan of the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game from Modiphius you might want to take a peek at these new Deck Tiles that have been added to their webstore this week.


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