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Spellbook Gaming Boxes Are Perfect To Store Your MTG or RPG Bits

10 hours ago 5

Elder Wood has a really great project on Kickstarter, Spellbook Gaming Boxes. These unique gaming boxes allow players to customize the look of their book and tailor it to whatever type of gaming they enjoy.

Wizards Bring The Rune Scribe To D&D As Prestige Class

1 day ago 0

Wizards Of The Coast have started looking at the future of classes within Dungeons & Dragons. As well as work on Psionics they have also put together the first playtest pack for Prestige Classes and the Rune Scribe…

Meridian Go Adventuring With An Eerie Champion

8 days ago 6

Meridian Miniatures have added a rather funky looking new adventurer to their Tooth & Sword range. This Microshoggoth might turn out to be more of a friend than an ally but he probably stores away quite a bit of magical energy…

Otherworld Welcome The Reign Of The Myconid King!

8 days ago 5

Andrew May has sent through a preview of one of his sculpts for Otherworld Miniatures’ dungeon delving range. If you like rummaging around in the Underdark then you might end up running into the Myconid King…

New Penny Dreadful One Shot – Night Of The Carver From Wyrd

8 days ago 0

Things tend to get a little Wyrder in Malifaux as it draws nearer to All Hallow’s Eve. Explore the dark side of Malifaux and the murderous night in October in the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot- Night of the Carver.

Diehard Miniatures To Launch Kickstarter In October

9 days ago 4

Diehard Miniatures are going to be heading onto Kickstarter this October to fund their varied range of miniatures. They are going to be bringing together a rather awesome selection of monsters and heroes for your various games…

Wyrd’s Ghost Eater Harnesses Unimaginable Power In Through the Breach

9 days ago 0

Have you ever wanted to harvest the power of a soul stone without the stone? Wyrd’s latest Pursuit in Through the Breach, the Ghost Eater, is able to harness the power of a soul and keep it to himself. How interesting!

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

13 days ago 72

Hasslefree Miniatures’ Barbarian Family Grows

15 days ago 3

Hasslefree Miniatures are growing their Barbarian family and have added another model to the brood. See what you think of Kieran with rune crafted sword in hand…

What Are Your Top Five Dungeons & Dragons Classes?

What Are Your Top Five Dungeons & Dragons Classes?

15 days ago 35

Time for another bit of dungeon
delving discussion!

What are your favourite Dungeons
& Dragons classes to play when
you get down to the tabletop for
some role-playing?

Otherworld Add A Plethora Of Monsters To Their Dungeon

15 days ago 6

Otherworld have opened the dungeon doors and unleashed a whole bunch of new monsters into the dank underground labyrinth they call their home. See what you think of this massive haul of monsters and miscreants…

Great Rewards Unlocked For The Infinity RPG Kickstarter

20 days ago 3

The Infinity RPG from Modiphius is powering on and unlocking more and more stretch goals as time goes by. With that in mind take a look at what’s been unlocked so far…

Wizards Release Out Of The Abyss Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

22 days ago 3

Wizards of the Coast has now released the Out Of The Abyss Dungeons & Dragons campaign which is playable for characters of level one all the way up to fifteen. The Underdark is calling – will you brave its depths?

How To Be A Good Role-Player: Dos and Don'ts Of Being A Hero

How To Be A Good Role-Player: Dos and Don’ts Of Being A Hero

22 days ago 30

While a lot of the weight to make a session run
smoothly sits on the shoulders of the Storyteller
Players also have to take
some responsibility too…

Modiphius’ Infinity RPG Kickstarter Begins!

22 days ago 18

The Infinity RPG Kickstarter has launched from Modiphius allowing you to take on the world built by Corvus Belli in an entirely new way. With a the 2D20 system under its belt and a wealth of background to draw on this could be a great Sci-Fi adventure…