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D&D Elemental Evil Monster Boosters Preview Pops Up

1 day ago 4

Some more pre-painted miniatures for the Elemental Evil Campaign in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition have popped up and we have to say…they don’t look too bad!

FFG Announces New Sourcebook On The Way For Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

2 days ago 1

Fantasy Flight continues to make the Star Wars galaxy bigger with the announcement of the newest, upcoming sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, Strongholds of Resistance! New places, new faces and new tech are available for discovery in this new book in the second quarter of 2015.

A Pair Of Mighty Dragons Swoop In For Reaper Bones!

2 days ago 14

See how two new dragon sets are going to match up when they get released from Reaper Miniatures in Mid-March!

The Curse Of Nineveh Takes Hold In Cubicle 7′s Cthulhu Britannica

3 days ago 0

Dare you try and figure out the Curse of Nineveh for Call of Cthulhu and Cubicle 7′s Cthulhu Britannica range?

Green Ronin Put Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition Up For Pre-Order

3 days ago 2

The Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition is up for pre-order on the Green Ronin webstore alongside the Core Rules. Will you be picking up this rather fancy edition of this neat role-playing game?

Paizo Announces New Adventure Path That Takes On Giants

4 days ago 3

Paizo announces next Adventure Path Series, this time the challenges will be gigantic!

Designing A Dungeon? Dungeon Architect Cards Are Here To Help

8 days ago 0

An interesting project has popped up on Kickstarter for all those dungeon adventurers out there.

Acquisitions Inc Are Back For More D&D At PAX East 2015!

9 days ago 2

Acquisitions Incorporated are back for another Dungeons & Dragons Live Game at PAX East where our intrepid adventurers team up once again to turn peril into cold hard profit!

Fantasy Flight Games’ Wrath of the Gods RPG is Near

10 days ago 2

Fantasy Flight Games new RPG The End of the World, has released their second book.

Add Another Scene To Your Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Story

11 days ago 1

See what you think of another scene for Iron Kingdoms Unleashed which develops the skills and talents of the Bone Grinder!

Ral-Partha Start A 15mm Skirmish Between High Elves & Orcs!

15 days ago 3

Ral Partha Europe have put together some awesome sets of 15mm Fantasy Figures that would make great heroes and villains for your tabletop role-playing gams and heroes for armies of course.

Warhammer Quest Beyond The Grey Mountains Gets Second Episode!

18 days ago 3

The second part of the first episode of Beyond The Grey Mountains is now out for you to enjoy! More smashing of goblins and then it’s back to town for a bit of an R&R session.

New Sourcebook is Coming for Diplomats in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

26 days ago 3

Not a fighter? Perhaps your expertise is talking your way out of a precarious situation? Fantasy Flight Games has the perfect tool for you for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion in their upcoming sourcebook, Desperate Allies, where the diplomats get all the attention.

Modiphius Reveal the Cover for Mutant Chronicles RPG!

29 days ago 7

It’s almost time once again to get some techno-fantasy gaming going on as Modiphius reveal the cover art for the third edition of the Mutant Chronicles RPG!

Wyrd Offer A Glimpse At New Faces In Through the Breach Expansion

32 days ago 2

The RPG world of Malifaux, Through the Breach, is getting ready to see it’s first expansion. Into the Steam will continue to bring the world of Malifaux to light with new plots and characters like the Animator!