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Meet Scanlan & Grog In Vox Machina Origins Issue #2


For those Critters in our community, Dark Horse Digital have now released Issue Two of Critical Role’s Vox Machina Origins.

Modiphius Transport To The Deck Of A Star Trek Ship With New Tiles


If you’re a big fan of the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game from Modiphius you might want to take a peek at these new Deck Tiles that have been added to their webstore this week.


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Bungie’s Destiny: A Game Perfect For Pen & Paper RPG?


With the release of Destiny 2, Ben uses his Ghost to resurrect this article from 2014. Could the world of Bungie’s Destiny make for a great role-playing game setting?

Otherworld’s Psionic Slayer & Death Worm Slither Into Your Dungeon Delve


Otherworld Miniatures have added two new models to their collection for you to pick up and add into your dungeon delve. The first of these is the Psionic Slayer.

Onyx Path Stir Up The Restless Dead In God’s Own Country


Onyx Path have released the latest of their Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras supplements. This time, we head back to post-war New Zealand in God’s Own Country.

Take A Peek At Social Interactions In FFG’s Genesys


We stop back in with Fantasy Flight Games as they showed off another preview of their upcoming role-playing game, Genesys. This time the focus is on how social interactions work.

Weekender: Micro Art Studio's Cool Kickstarter & We've Started Playing Star Wars Destiny!

Weekender: Micro Art Studio’s Cool Kickstarter & We’ve Started Playing Star Wars Destiny!


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Check Out Upcoming Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures Stretch Goals


The Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures range has been going from strength to strength on Kickstarter and it seemed like a cool idea to look back at what they are doing here with stretch goals.

Check Out The Stunning Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures On Kickstarter


Ninja Division and Paizo have teamed up on Kickstarter to bring to life the Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures collection for your role-playing games set in their Sci-Fi RPG.

Legend Of The Five Rings RPG Gets An Open Beta From FFG


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they’re going to be running an Open Beta for Legend Of The Five Rings and their role-playing game.

Forja Profana Will Bring Boris’ Excellent Heroes To The Tabletop


Forja Profana is the company who is going to be taking Boris Woloszyn Miniatures to the tabletop starting with heroes like this lot here…

Check Out Retro Role-Playing In Forbidden Lands


Free League Publishing is back on Kickstarter with a retro role-playing game featuring stunning artwork and some fantastic ideas on mechanics. Take a look at Forbidden Lands.

Take Your RPG To The Next Level With TABLEWAR’s G.E.O. Mats


TABLEWAR is back on Kickstarter with a great way to instantly transform your role-playing experience. The G.E.O Mats kickstarter features a revolutionary transparent surface with a grid printed on it, so you can game right on top of your F.A.T. Mats!

Dark Horse Comics Release Vox Machina Origins Issue #1


I wanted to highlight for those Critters (Critical Role fans) out there that Issue #1 of Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins is now out from Dark Horse Comics!

FFG Talk Crafting Characters In Genesys Roleplaying Game


Fantasy Flight Games have talked more about the character creation process in Genesys, their new open format for roleplaying games on the tabletop.

Magic Returns With Release Of Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary


Onyx Path Publishing have announced the release of the long awaited 20th Anniversary Edition of the classic World of Darkness RPG Changeling: The Dreaming.

GF9 Preview Monstrous New D&D Tomb of Annihilation Miniatures


Gale Force Nine has been showing off what’s coming for Tomb of Annihilation as they support the release within Dungeons & Dragons.

Stage The Perfect Setting With Adventure Realm RPG Tiles


Red Dragon Gaming is back on Kickstarter with a followup to their successful RPG tiles Kickstarter with even more options to drop you right into your story.

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies