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Weekender XLBS: Miniatures IP Debate & Bolt Action Tanks Explored

Weekender XLBS: Miniatures IP Debate & Bolt Action Tanks Explored

18 days ago 78

Games & Gears Reveal The Gen Con Legends Ranger

20 days ago 6

Available at Gen Con and also as a miniature to be sent out Games & Gears have produced this fantastic Gen Con Legends Ranger.

Penny Arcade Begin New Acquisitions Incorporated D&D Series!

21 days ago 4

Like a blessing from Bahamut himself we have a new video series by Penny Arcade where we get to see Acquisitions Incorporated getting stuck into some games of Dungeons & Dragons.

Can You Survive The Revolt Of The Machines In FFG’s The End of the World?

22 days ago 4

What if you could role play an end of days game, where you were in the story as yourself, trying to survive? The End of the World: Revolt of the Machines, is the next RPG book from Fantasy Flight that pits you against the very smart, and dangerous everyday technology that is conspiring against you.

Battle Giants In D&D’s Storm King’s Thunder Adventure

22 days ago 4

Dungeons & Dragons looks ahead to a whole new adventure called Storm King’s Thunder where you have to gang up together to face off against an invasion of Giants.

Fragged Head To The High Seas With A Pirate RPG!

23 days ago 1

The minds behind Fragged Empire have shown off a preview for their previously unrevealed pirate role-playing game called Fragged Seas…

Paizo Offers Up Villain Codex for Pre-Order For Pathfinder RPG

23 days ago 1

There is a new volume in the Pathfinder RPG collection from Paizo that is up for pre-order.

Discover The Secret Histories Of Chronicles of Darkness’ Dark Eras

31 days ago 4

Onyx Path are taking a look back at the history of the Chronicles of Darkness as their new supplement Dark Eras sheds light upon the darker parts of the world’s murky, monster filled past.

Darkness Begins - Getting Started In The World of Darkness

Darkness Begins – Getting Started In The World of Darkness

34 days ago 19

The World of Darkness, and the world of Chronicles of Darkness, are dark and intimidating places. Numerous supernatural creatures lurk in the night, preying on people, drinking their blood, sacrificing them to dark gods, stealing souls, and rending them apart.

Many different game lines make up these two worlds and for a new games master – the Storyteller – it is important to know where to start and just how they might go about it.

D&D Goes Live At Meltdown Over On Twitch On June 1st

36 days ago 0

Wizards of the Coast are going to be Live At Meltdown on June 1st from 4pm PDT on Twitch with a whole host of stars getting stuck into the world of Dungeons & Dragons…

Gothic Punk and Personal Horror: World vs Chronicles

Gothic Punk & Personal Horror: World vs Chronicles

55 days ago 10

Chris Handley is joined by fellow Darker Days Radio hosts Matt Bresee and Pete Mars to explain the differences between the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness.

Will you live in the shadows of the old world, or stalk the night of the new?

Two Worlds Collide With D&D 5E & Magic: The Gathering

63 days ago 6

Two worlds collide and now you take your adventures into a whole new plane.

Hasslefree Miniatures Heading To Kickstarter Soon?

63 days ago 5

Hasslefree Miniatures appear to be heading to Kickstarter soon with this teaser announcement that popped up not long ago.

Become Legend As Onyx Path Release Exalted Third Edition

70 days ago 6

Onyx Path are stepping away from the World of Darkness to turn their attention to the Second Age of Man with the release of the third edition of the classic high fantasy RPG Exalted.

Into The Bayou Brings A New Pursuit Into Through The Breach

72 days ago 0

The Through The Breach RPG world of Malifaux from Wyrd Games is getting an expansion, Into the Bayou. Here players will get to explore the swamps of the Bayou and create their own Gremlins!