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Elementals Spring To Life From Otherworld

7 hours ago 3

Otherworld Miniatures have shown off the ‘greens’ for their upcoming range of Elementals which will be useful for any dungeon delving adventures you’re going to be undertaking this autumn.

Face The Dracolich With D&D Heroes Thanks To Gale Force Nine

2 days ago 3

By now you’ll probably have heard about the awesome Dracolich from Gale Force Nine for the Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series but we haven’t actually talked about it yet! You can see it below, from the Neverwinter MMORPG, curled around a ruin and ready to strike at your adventurers…

Role-Play Across The World With Fantasy Grounds

2 days ago 3

We’ve been thinking a bit more about role-playing games recently and also about how to play as a studio when some of us are far away in other countries. Well, Fantasy Grounds looks like a great digital alternative and it even has the blessing of Wizards of the Coast to host Dungeons & Dragons too!

A Grim Feast Discovered In Wyrd’s Through The Breach

3 days ago 1

The upcoming expansion for Through The Breach, Under Quarantine, has the spotlight on the Resurrectionists. Their “special diet” offers freakish buffers that can undeniably make a devastating difference to game play.

PAX Hosts New Live Acquisitions Inc D&D Game

3 days ago 1

If you missed it this weekend because you were in Europe or elsewhere in the world then you can now watch the full Live Dungeons & Dragons game from Acquisitions Incorporated this year over on Twitch…

An Alien Invasion Hits Fantasy Flight Games

4 days ago 7

Fantasy Flight Games next book in The End of the World RPG series, Alien Invasion. How will you survive?

Take On A New D&D Adventure In The Rage Of Demons Campaign

5 days ago 5

Wizards Of The Coast have shown off the main adventuring book that will be available on September 15th 2015 for their Rage Of Demons campaign in Dungeons & Dragons. Out Of The Abyss is an adventure for characters of level one all the way up to fifteen…

Modiphius Shows Off A New Infinity RPG Character

9 days ago 10

Modiphius have shown off another teaser for the Infinity RPG, a new character that you can play as in the game. With that in mind their Pre-Kickstarter survey is also up for you to go and have your say on…

Tips & Tricks For Role-Playing Game Storytelling

Tips & Tricks For Role-Playing Game Storytelling

9 days ago 37

In a follow up to a role-playing game
article I wrote a few weeks ago I
thought I’d share some of my
experiences with Dungeon/Game
Mastering and Storytelling and a few
of the tips and tricks I’ve picked
up over the years…

Fancy Going On A Bloody Quest For Your Next RPG?

9 days ago 3

A message popped up on Facebook about a new very bloody role-playing game system being worked on called, very fittingly, Bloody Quest. The game has some really interesting mechanics we’ve been told and I think it’s one to keep an eye on.

Find Winged Beasts & Owlbears In Otherworld’s Dungeon

10 days ago 7

Otherworld Miniatures have added two new miniatures to their menagerie of monsters dwelling amidst their dungeons. See what you think of the deadly Wyvern and a clutch of Owlbears ready to hoot and rend…

Howling Banshees & Freaky Lemures From Otherworld

13 days ago 2

Two new monsters are coming soon from Otherworld Miniatures for role-playing and of course their own skirmish game. The Banshee and Lemures are two freaky looking creatures that I would love to pit against a bunch of heroes…

Wyrd Set To Launch Worldwide Malifaux Event

13 days ago 3

Wyrd Games have announced that they’re going to be running a worldwide campaign for both Malifaux & Through The Breach called Nythera. As well as telling a story the winning factions will get to decide upcoming special models…

Dark Sword Go Adventuring With Rabbits & Raccoons

14 days ago 3

Dark Sword Miniatures have added some more animal adventurers to their Fantasy collection focusing in on both Rabbits & Raccoons as their beasts of choice. See what you think of them below, great alternatives to the standard role-playing heroes out there…

Song Of Blades: Hammer & Forge By Ganesha Already Funded!

15 days ago 1

Ganesha Games have started and ALREADY funded the Song of Blades: Hammer & Forge Kickstarter campaign. This one comes with a whole lot of Dwarves and some other cool additions like these new rulebooks for the game…