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Demonic Statues Dominate The Dungeons Of Otherworld Miniatures

3 days ago 3

Demonic Statues are next on the list of miniatures (well, terrain pieces) coming out of Otherworld that would be perfect for your growing dungeonscape that hapless heroes are wandering around unaware of the dangers.

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Gives Us A Look Into The Illusionist

6 days ago 4

It is that time of the week again as Wyrd gives us the next preview, this time for Into the Breach RPG.

New 15mm Monsters & Characters Available From Splintered Light

7 days ago 2

Splintered Light Miniatures have shown off some of the mass of monsters and characters available for their 15mm role-playing line up. If you want to pick up a whole bunch of beasts and other personalities for dungeon crawls then this could work out neatly…

Otherworld Miniatures Give You Options For Your Owlbears

12 days ago 6

A horrible hoot rings out from deep within the dungeon and not one, not two, but three Owlbears have shown up before you thanks to Otherworld!

Explore The Brutal Skorne Empire With Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Book

12 days ago 1

New warbeasts to train, mighty monsters to slay and a whole new society to explore are all part of Skorne Empire coming soon to Iron Kingdoms Unleashed.

Reaper Miniatures Heading Back To Kickstarter With Bones III

13 days ago 15

Will you be fighting alongside Ms. Bones when the newest Kickstarter for Bones III launches later this summer?

Fight Fear & The Tower Of Dread In New TableTop Episode

16 days ago 6

Wil Wheaton’s TableTop this week played host to a fantastic RPG that I’ve had the pleasure to play on occasion called Dread which uses a fantastic mechanic familiar to most people, a Jenga Tower!

Wizard Announces New Storyline For D&D In Fall 2015- Rage of Demons

19 days ago 4

Wizards of the Coast announced their next expansion for the D&D universe is headed our way this fall in Rage of Demons! Gamers will get to explore the Underdark in all gaming formats from traditional tabletop to computer gaming.

Cubicle 7 Role-Play In The Age Of Arthur With Keltia

25 days ago 0

Head back in time to a realm of mysticism and legend with Keltia from Cubicle 7. Here the time of Arthurian Legend clashes with that of reality and you take on the role of heroes of old wandering the shores of Albion.

Water & Air Become The Focus Of D&D Elemental Evil By Gale Force Nine

26 days ago 6

Feeling a bit like Captain Planet the folks at Gale Force Nine have put together some stunning models for their Elemental Evil range to supplement the new source book for Dungeons & Dragons.

The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Rulebook Is Now Available

28 days ago 5

Consider picking up the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Core Rulebook from Privateer Press which is now available!

Cubicle 7 Add To One Ring Role-Playing Game With New Rohan Supplement

37 days ago 2

Ride around the lands of the Rohirrim with a new supplement from Cubicle 7 for their One Ring Role-Playing Game.

Wyrd’s Through the Breach RPG Goes Digital

38 days ago 0

Wyrd Miniatures and have teamed up again to bring more offerings digital.

Splintered Light Join The Shieldmaidens & Go Hunting Ettins

38 days ago 1

A mighty monster and some deadly looking Shieldmaidens pop up from Splintered Light Miniatures. Would you use them for your role-playing games?

Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Grounds Team Up for Virtual D&D

44 days ago 5

Want to play D&D, but cannot get all of your friends together at the same table? Then try Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop.