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Fight Off The Moon Nazis In Iron Sky RPG

3 days ago 5

Iron Sky, the popular parody b-movie about secret a nazi moon base, is coming to the tabletop with the help of a Kickstarter for the Iron Sky Roleplaying Game.

Decorate Your Dungeon With TTCombat’s Upcoming RPG Terrain

6 days ago 2

TTCombat are preparing to fill up those fantasy dungeons with some new additions to their RPG range.

New Starfinder Miniatures Get You In The Mood For Sci-Fi Adventure

12 days ago 10

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are showing off more of their new Starfinder line-up which is now available for you to pre-order from their webstore ahead of a release late in August.

New Middle-Earth Guides & Accessories From Cubicle 7

17 days ago 4

If you’re enjoying your Adventures In Middle-Earth then keep an eye on some of the new releases from Cubicle 7 as they take you on a journey into Rhovanion.

Boyz Night: Dungeons & Dragons Pilot

Boyz Night: Dungeons & Dragons Pilot

18 days ago 21

Watch the (very rough) first episode of our livestreamed Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

Locutus Of Borg Added To Modiphius’ Star Trek RPG Collector’s Edition

18 days ago 6

Joining the rest of the content inside the huge Borg Cube Collector’s Edition set for Star Trek Adventures, Modiphius has now shown off the model for Locutus Of Borg.

Otherworld Miniatures Meet More RPG NPCs

20 days ago 1

Otherworld Miniatures has shown off some new releases for their role-playing collection including these three NPCs that would be great for populating a town.

Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What's After The Gateway Game?

Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What’s After The Gateway Game?

29 days ago 74

We’re delving into more awesomeness with you Backstage!

Reaper Miniatures’ Fire Demon Coming To Bones 4 Kickstarter

32 days ago 10

Reaper Miniatures has shown off their newest Bones 4 Kickstarter preview with the monstrous Fire Demon sculpted by Tim Hill.

WizKids Welcome New Young Adventurer Models For RPG Gaming!

33 days ago 10

WizKids is working away on some great new models for Young Adventurers to play with when they get stuck into the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Green Ronin Show Off Cover For Critical Role’s Tal’Dorei Setting Book

35 days ago 2

Green Ronin has now shown off the cover art for their Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Book, based within the realms and world of Critical Role.

Onyx Path Bring Chronicles Of Darkness To Kickstarter For Dark Eras Two

43 days ago 1

Onyx Path have taken to Kickstarter in order to produce a new hardback source book for Chronicles of Darkness; Dark Eras Two.

Boldly Go With Star Trek Adventures Missions By Modiphius

48 days ago 3

Modiphius are helping out those who are looking to take their first steps in Star Trek Adventures, their new RPG, with a series of missions collected together in These Are The Voyages.

Weekender XLBS: First 40k Battle Impressions & Genesys, A Cool New FFG RPG!

Weekender XLBS: First 40k Battle Impressions & Genesys, A Cool New FFG RPG!

50 days ago 62

Welcome to a relaxed chat with us
on Weekender XLBS with
Lloyd, Az Justin and Ben.

Genesys, A New All-Purpose RPG System Coming From FFG

54 days ago 12

Fantasy Flight Games have thrown their hat into the RPG ring once again with a new system called Genesys.