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Weekender XLBS: 15mm Dungeon Crawling & BoW Become A Star Ship Crew!

Weekender XLBS: 15mm Dungeon Crawling & BoW Become A Star Ship Crew!

9 days ago 64

Green Ronin Offer Up Details On Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Book

10 days ago 5

As a Critical Role fan, it was neat to hear that Matt Mercer was going to bringing his world of Tal’Dorei to the tabletop with a Campaign Book alongside Green Ronin.

Pray To The Gods Of The Starfinder RPG Universe

16 days ago 4

The folks at Paizo have given us a sneaky look at three of the Gods from the world of Starfinder, their new role-playing game with a Sci-Fi twist.

Weekender XLBS: Dark Imperium; Returning To 40K & LARP Thoughts

Weekender XLBS: Dark Imperium; Returning To 40K & LARP Thoughts

16 days ago 85

…we have a special guest this
week from a far away land!

Engage! Modiphius Fire Up Pre-Orders For Star Trek Adventures

19 days ago 22

Modiphius has opened up pre-orders for you to start grabbing your Star Trek Adventures bits and bobs to begin role-playing and exploring in the vastness of space.

New Edition Of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Confirmed By Cubicle 7

33 days ago 13

Cubicle 7 has now confirmed that they are indeed going to be carrying on the mantle of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play as they allow us to once again go adventuring in the Old World.

Exclusive Look At New Modiphius Star Trek Adventures RPG Miniatures!

33 days ago 20

Do you have what it takes to join Starfleet and boldly go where no man has gone before? Soon you will have your chance as Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures RPG drops this August.

Every DM Should Have These Kickstarter Monster Dice Boxes

36 days ago 3

The role of the DM has just gained another tool to bring even more character into the game. The Monster Dice Boxes Kickstarter brings monster themed dice storage and rolling trays to the table and looks pretty awesome while they’re at it!


Weekender XLBS: Win 4Ground’s Fyrburgh Fort & Dungeon Delving In Torchbearer

37 days ago 239

You could win the epic Fyrburgh Fort kit!

Modiphius Bringing Star Trek & Fallout To UK Games Expo

41 days ago 9

Modiphius are going to be coming to the UK Games Expo this year and that means we get a peek at some of their upcoming projects.

Join The D&D Stream Of Annihilation June 2nd & 3rd

45 days ago 6

If you want something to watch whilst your at the UK Games Expo this year then how about tuning in for the Dungeons & Dragons Stream Of Annihilation shows over June 2nd & 3rd?

World of Darkness Berlin Fullspread

World Of Darkness Berlin Live Blog

46 days ago 13

If you’re into all things World Of Darkness then you’ll be pleased to know that Chris Handley and Darker Days Radio are at World Of Darkness Berlin this weekend covering the event.

Wizkids Releases Marvellous D&D Miniature Heroes & Monsters

49 days ago 21

We heard mutterings about this a while back, but today Wizkids made it official as they announced Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures, a line of unpainted, pre-primed Dungeons & Dragons miniatures!

Tabletop Artisans Have Built The Ultimate Adventurers Kit

56 days ago 2

The DM isn’t the only one that can show up to the RPG organized and in style! Tabletop Artisans are on Kickstarter right now (and funded!) with The Adventurer’s Kit, a beautifully crafted organizer/transport/dice tray for your RPG goods.

Learn The Lore Of The Bloodlines In Vampire the Masquerade

61 days ago 1

Onyx Path Publishing have released a new supplement for Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (V20) detailing the lesser known bloodlines of the kindred.