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Weekender XLBS: The First Steps Are Critical

Weekender XLBS: The First Steps Are Critical

8 days ago 78

Sit back and relax with us for
The Weekender XLBS as we
discuss some interesting
decisions from Games Workshop,
talk about getting you settled
in the hobby and show off
Warren’s latest gadgets…

A Bardic Heroine Joins Oathsworn’s Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

10 days ago 2

The Oathsworn Heroines In Sensible Shoes Kickstarter is doing exceptionally well and that means we’re seeing a new addition to this band of female adventurers. The newest addition is the Bard…

The Yogscast Take On D&D With High Rollers Live Streams

10 days ago 5

The Yogscast, a group of Youtubers who play loads of video games, have been branching out of late. One such branch is their new High Rollers show which takes them to the world of Dungeons & Dragons…

Summon Great Power With Achtung! Cthulhu Elder Godlike From Modiphius

11 days ago 1

Modiphius keep the Achtung! Cthulhu love coming this year with another supplement available in both Print and PDF form called Elder Godlike. Combining superhuman abilities and the terror of the dark gods we have quite the supplement to expand on your experience…

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming's C'thu

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming’s C’thu

16 days ago 50

It’s time for a jam packed Saturday
morning as we have an interview
with Alessio Cavatore about upcoming

Plus there’s a chat with Tor Gaming
about the progress of their C’thu
Kickstarter and we get stuck into
looking at some of the painting from
the community…

Return To Castle Ravenloft & Meet Strahd In New D&D Adventure

19 days ago 1

It looks like Dungeons & Dragons adventurers are going to be heading back to Castle Ravenloft in their next adventure called The Curse Of Strahd. Prepare the holy water and wear a proper gorget when you step into the cursed lands of this Vampire.

Red Scar Publishing Announce Devil’s Run Role-Playing Game

21 days ago 0

Red Scar Publishing have announced a partnership with Word Forge Games to produce a role-playing game based on their Devil’s Run game which is soon coming to the tabletop as a car-based skirmish game packed with vehicular slaughter.

Modiphius To Publish Swedish Dark Fantasy RPG Symbaroum

30 days ago 6

Modiphius have joined forces with the creators of Symbaroum, the Dark Fantasy RPG from Sweden, to bring it to English speaking role-players. Take a look at the cover and some of the key points about this system…

Otherworld Let The Dogs Out With New Hyenadons

30 days ago 1

Coming to support their masters soon we have a look at the Heynadons from Otherworld Miniatures. These baying hounds will be protecting Gnoll Chieftains and Shamans as they try and do their evil work. Will they be able to tie down your adventurers?

Privateer Press Announces First Expansion For Iron Kingdoms & Undercity

52 days ago 3

Privateer Press has announced their first expansion for their game Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game.

Undertake Operation Apocalypse In Modiphius’ DUST Adventures

61 days ago 8

Modiphius have put together a new sourcebook and expansion to their DUST Adventures range called Operation Apocalypse which takes the fighting to a new theatre of war. Will you be thwarting the enemies plans in this big adventure for the weird world of DUST?

Otherworld Miniatures Find Satyrs Amongst The Trees

65 days ago 3

Otherworld Miniatures have posted up some more of the previews for their range of dungeon dwellers. See what you think of these Satyrs with a large spear and then another lounging around on a tree branch.

AltspaceVR Allows You To Play D&D Virtually

80 days ago 3

AltspaceVR have put together a new program which allows you to play Dungeons & Dragons virtually with anyone in the world simply by logging into your own little tavern. You can see how it works above in their tutorial video within…

The Latest Wyrd Penny Dreadful Is Available For Through The Breach

81 days ago 0

Something Dreadful has been happening in the orphanage. Drop into the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Bad Blood, for Wyrd’s Through the Breach and see if you can discover secret behind the disappearance of the children.

Get Into The Headspace Of The Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter

81 days ago 2

The Mindjammer RPG is back on Kickstarter looking for funding for a new sourcebook to be presented as both a PDF and in print next year.