Pre-Painted Pathfinder Miniatures from WizKids

May 25, 2011 by beerogre

So Paizo Publishing have teamed up with WizKids to make some pre-painted fantasy miniatures for Pathfinder!

Does anyone remember the old pre-painted miniatures from D&D?

I do, I have 5 bins full of them after my brother used to win all the local D&D Minis tournaments at the local gaming shop. But what happened to them?

Well, the story goes that D&D pulled the plug on production when the change to 4th edition caused the minis game (which effectively became the combat system for D&D 4th edition) to lose a stack of competative following, leaving it in a state where only really collectors were interested in the figures.

If you take the time to look on eBay you can still find them, but they can be a silly price for some of the most basic models.

So why the move back to pre-paints… we’ll we discussed in TURN 8 how Reaper Miniatures are doing some good work on the pre-painted miniatures front… and lets be honest. This miniature actually looks pretty good.

But this is only one image and it’s no doubt a master copy.

How will the rest of the range fair?

… and more importantly… will you be interested in buying any of it?

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