Stonehaven’s Dwarf Kickstarter Enters Final Day

July 25, 2012 by brennon

Stonehaven’s Kickstarter campaign for the Dwarven Adventurers is nearly at an end. With 11 hours to go (from time of writing) there is a mass of different models and packs still on offer for pledges. Check out some of the new concept and even some Work-in-Progress models too!

Dwarves WIP Collection

Above is seven of the models from the collection, my favourite has to be either the Rogue or the Berserker. But there is a lot more on offer which is shown in these concepts below…

Dwarf Concept Collection

Special Troll Miniature

Dwarven Extras

'Dead' Dwarf

On top of all the Dwarves there are options for a huge Troll, Dwarven Children and a Gravestone and even a ‘Dead’ Dwarf, although they are leaving it up to you to decided what state he is really in.

So go check out some of the remaining pledge levels and get stuck in for a real Dwarven treat.

What do you make of the miniatures now more have reached the greens stage?