Supernatural and Smallville Fans Should Hurry Over to DriveThruRPG

February 18, 2013 by dracs

Margaret Weiss Productions, publishers of the role playing games of the popular TV series Smallville and Supernatural (as well as Serenity and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying) will soon be losing the licence to these two properties.

This means that these rule sets, along with their supplements, are going cheap at DriveThruRPG!



Both of these shows have a rich back ground and mythology to draw upon which would certainly make for an interesting game. I think this is particularly true of Supernatural, which for the most part focuses on two normal guys facing the myriad of monsters drawn from various world cultures.

I am less certain of how the Smallville game would work, given that Superman was very much the centre of that show, but then both of these have their quickstart rules and adventures free to download so you can try before you buy.

Are any of you fans of either of these shows? Have you played these games before?

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