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Painted WWII Gun Crews & Looks Ahead From Rubicon Models

151 days ago 3

Rubicon Models has been showing off a lot of the different models on the way for your World War II games.

Wittman & Balthasar Woll Coming Soon From Rubicon Models

193 days ago 6

If you’re a fan of famous tankers then you might want to take a look at what Rubicon Models have planned for you as they teased Wittman & Balthasar Woll for use in your World War II games.

Rubicon Ready Big Guns & Machine Guns For World War II Gaming

232 days ago 4

Rubicon have been showing off some of the work going into their World War II line-up and explore the look of their new artillery piece, the PaK Gun Crew as well as a Heavy Machine Gun too.

Rubicon Models Hints At Soviet Tank Riders

248 days ago 5

Rubicon Models is working on a new project that will add a little more dimension to your next WWII game.

Rubicon Models Shows Off “Old Blood and Guts” Patton WIP

268 days ago 1

Rubicon Models is showing of some works in progress for one of WWII’s greatest generals.

Rubicon Models Shows Off Single Sprue SdKfz 251/7 Halftracks

277 days ago 7

Rubicon Models keeps producing some top notch models for your WWII army.

Rubicon Craft Montgomery & A Russian Tank Commander For WWII

315 days ago 5

Rubicon Models have previewed some of the work they’ve been doing on characters for World War II to act as commanders of your tank platoons.

Rubicon Models Prepare US & Russian Tank Crews For The Tabletop

466 days ago 3

Rubicon Models make a lot of vehicles but they are also focusing on the crews that man them. Over the weekend they shared some previews of what their US & Russian Tank Crews are looking like. You can see them below in various uniforms ready to man cannons and machine guns…

Rubicon Models Previews WIP For German Troops

556 days ago 5

Rubicon Models is working on some 28mm German troops and they are asking for your input.

Rubicon Preview What Tanks Are On The Way For September

609 days ago 8

Rubicon have put together a collection of previews showing off what’s coming out next month to add to their World War II range. There are some great tanks and other vehicles on the way so see what you think…

Rain Explosives Down On Your Enemies With Rubicon’s M21 Mortar Motor Carriage

708 days ago 1

Rubicon Models have come up with a nifty kit for the M21 Mortar Motor Carriage that you can learn a little more about here. It’s in 28mm scale and comes armed with an M1 Mortar (81mm). See what you think of the design so far…

Rubicon Models Previews Prototype 28mm Buildings

894 days ago 9

Rubicon Models has been creating quite a stir lately, first with their 28mm tanks and now they are showing off some WIP terrain and prototypes of possible 28mm buildings. See what you think.